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Vuzix SMART HD glasses want to open our eyes to the future of augmented reality

Vuzix, a company best known for their range of peculiar looking futuristic spectacles, designed to give you the effect a 60-inch screen in front of your eyes, are planning to unveil their vision for the future of augmented reality at CES 2012.

Vuzix want us to see into the future of augmented reality

Vuzix backed by funding from Nokia, have been developing what they hope will be the future of augmented reality eye-wear.

The focus of the Vuzix SMART HD glasses is to demonstrate how augmented reality wear can be thin and stylish as well as functional. Just look at their previous products to see how difficult it is to make electronic eye-wear compact.

The new technology involved allows for lenses just 1.4mm thick that contain holographic filaments onto which an HD image can be projected. The images are projected from small elements mounted in each temple and when there’s nothing on the view, the lenses appear clear like regular sunglasses.

As it stands, the technology is designed to display still or moving images much like it’s predecessors, but by linking it to a smartphone or similar hardware, a world of possibilities opens up, including that of augmented reality and then, who knows where the technology could progress.

By paring a video feed from a device like a smartphone’s camera with the natural view from the human eye through the SMART HD lenses could be the basis for serious augmented reality fun.

Where do you see the future of the technology going? Let us know in the comments below.

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