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Brookstone’s WiFi cufflinks add hotspot functionality to your dinner attire

These little beauties have enough tech inside to make James Bond blush whilst making sure you look sharp too.

A set of Brookstone's WiFi cufflinks

Brookstone’s latest creations are geeky enough to join the ranks of GameBoy cufflinks and 8-bit neckties, so what’s so special?

Form and function are married together quite wonderfully in this instance with a set of polished silver oval cufflinks suitable for any black-tie event. But what’s this? Pull the cap off and each cufflink transforms into a miniature tracking device allowing you to follow the baddies back to their evil lair?

Not quite, but makers Brookstone have managed to squeeze a decent amount of tech into each of these silver cufflinks, which offer a wholly more practical use.

Pulling either cufflink apart will reveal a USB key which when plugged into a hard-wired computer, transforms into a high-speed WiFi hotspot, neat! What is more, each key doubles as a 2GB flash memory stick, allowing to keep your most precious files with you, or that all important presentation, worry free.

There is one sore point for a pair of gadgets such as these, worthy of Q himself, the price. A set of Brookstone’s Polished Silver Oval WiFi and 2GB USB Cufflinks is a sizable $249.99, ouch. Not only that, if you were working for MI6, you’d probably get them standard issue.

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