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The new Panasonic Toughbook S10 promises to hang tough

We haven’t seen a Toughbook walk the halls of this blog for over a year, but what we have here is the newest in Panasonic’s family of super hard-wearing laptops.

The S10 is in fact near enough a clone of the Toughbook S9, but what’s under the hood is where this hard nut differs from its predecessor.

The S10 sports a Sandy Bridge Core i5-2520M processor with 4GB of RAM, internal storage on a 320GB shock-mounted hard disk and battery life quoted at 12.5 hours straight. Physical connectivity on the Toughbook includes options for VGA and HDMI outputs, an SDXC card slot, USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 support and don’t forget its unique ‘tough’ attributes.

The S10 can survive a drop from 2 and a half feet, comes complete with a spill resistant keyboard, the lid and base protecting the 12.1 inch screen can also withstand up to 220 psi and despite all this, it has a built in DVD player too.

Of course the joys of thinking about owning such a hard wearing device mean you have the joys of paying for one. And just how tough is the Toughbook S10 on your wallet? The spec above can be yours for $2,449, so get saving.



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