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Improved Google Search for all BlackBerry OS 6.0 devices, about time

The boys in the labs down at Google HQ have been tinkering and tweaking recently and on Thursday released the latest iteration of Google search for BlackBerry webkit 6.0 devices (obviously this means you’re running BB OS 6 or higher).
bb os 6 devices
Assuming you’re the browsing type you might have already noticed the improvements they’ve brought to the table in the past two days, but in case you haven’t, there are four aspects that Google have focused on.

For a start there’s now autocomplete on your search terms which works just like the full-fat version of Google updating as you type. Each results page now comes with more options too, like Realtime so you can filter your results how you’d like. If you’ve got a touchscreen enabled BB, image search now allows you to swipe through image results, similar to the iOS version and adds a tap to see the full size image mode, from what I can gather the swipe function obviously doesn’t work on non-touch based BBs but they still receive the update. Finally there’s location based searching, so you can find places like businesses and shops locally straight on your device.

Google say it’s already out in 20 languages across 70 countries and no doubt will come to more BB owners soon. A little late to the party perhaps but still just as welcome. Have you noticed the improvements and have they helped with the BlackBerry browsing experience?



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