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Nokia’s N950 and MeeGo Harmattan get an in depth look [VIDEO]

The N950 is the beautifully crafted, but sadly developer only counterpart to Nokia’s latest commercially available MeeGo device, the N9. Running MeeGo Harmattan, the video below gives a detailed look at the UI, along with the dialer, contacts, web browsing, Facebook, the camera settings, turn by turn navigation and a whole host more.

Nokia N950 open keyboard
This expansive 17 minute video (in Thai) will get you better acquainted with the device you just can’t have.

The main differences between the N9 and the N950 are that the N950 receives a slightly smaller battery (1320mAh rather than 1450mAh), uses a 4″ LCD rather than a 3.9″ AMOLED, packs a full QWERTY hardware keyboard and after the FCC got their hands on it, it was discovered the N950 also has a 12MP camera on the back rather than the 8MP unit found on the N9, all interesting stuff but you still can’t have one, so check out the video below, maybe get some popcorn too, it’s a long one but a good watch.

Full specs for the N950 are here and if you’re curious, specs for the N9 are here. Would you have preferred the N950 to come to market over the N9? Let us know in the comments.



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