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Mad Russian scientist aims to save lives with telephony [VIDEO]

Vladislav Oleschenko, a name synonymous with the mobile world. Oh what’s that you never heard of him?

Mobile phone radiation emissions
Well OK, he’s not actually famous, yet, he’s more of an ‘unknown quantity’, a Russian inventor who thinks that his latest creation could take him from mad scientist to technical-telephony genius and with the evidence he brings to the table, it’s pretty compelling stuff.

Mobile phones all have a SAR (Specific Absorption Rate), which is a value pertaining to the amount of radio frequency(RF) absorbed into the users body when using a mobile phone. There are safe limits, set in place by organizations, such as the FCC in the US for example (where the SAR value must be less than 1.6 watts per kilogram). However low this value is of course, it still means that you’re bombarding your body with small quantities of radiation on a regular basis and in the worst case scenarios, this can contribute to illnesses such as cancer.

This is not to say using a mobile phone will undoubtedly make you unwell in the long run, but following on from an article recently published by WHO (The World Health Organization) on the harmful nature of mobile phone use, Vladislav’s invention really does show potential to counter this.

Through some techno-wizardry (and a lot of scientific theory), Vladislav demonstrates the difference his device makes on radio frequency emissions, without compromising on signal strength. Assuming everything checks out with the official channels and he gets enough publicity for the project, phone manufacturers could potentially be implementing Vladislav’s technology in their future handsets, making it that much safer to use your mobile phone.

The video below demonstrates just how effective Vladislav’s technology is:

If you want to know more or maybe you can lend him a hand, a website with all the information on the project and its creator can be found here.



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