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Sugar Rush: A look back at the life of Android [INFOGRAPHIC]

In the short time that Android has been around, it’s evolved at an unprecedented rate to become one of the leading smartphone and now tablet OS’s out there.

droid icons

With its confectionary-themed branding as of version 1.5 (Cupcake), it also stands out as the more lighthearted alternative amongst its main rivals e.g. iOS, Symbian and BB OS, but make no mistake, Android is not to be trifled with and under the owner ship of Google it’s got a whole lot more to dish out (OK, I’ll stop now).

Mobile app developers [x]cubelabs have chronicled Android’s rise to greatness since its humble beginnings way back in October 2003. So cast your eyes over the history of Android and let us know what you think. Does the direction the OS is taking make it a recipe for success, or are things soon going to turn sour?




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