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Multi-finger gesture are a go on the iPad 2 with a little tinkering, no jailbreaking needed

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The early iOS 4.3 builds had a number of multi-finger ala-MacBook gestures enabled as a developer preview of what’s to come. Unfortunately, they didn’t get through in the final retail version of the software. The good news today is that they can still be enabled with a software tweak (no jailbreaking necessary).

Now you can get four and five finger sideways swipes for alternating open applications, five-finger pinch for going back to the homescreen and four-finger swipes up for accessing running apps tray and playback buttons. Read more »

So what exactly is this new Apple A5 chip all about?

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One of the key improvements the Apple iPad 2 brings over its predecessor is the new Apple A5 chipset with dual-core CPU. Traditionally, the company saved us the details and didn’t say a word about what’s inside the home-brewed architecture, but here’s what we deduced it to contain.

Now as far as the CPU is concerned, dual-core Cortex-A9 is a perfectly safe bet. Read more »

See what makes the new Apple’s Smart Cover so smart [VIDEO]

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The new iPad Smart Cover is a rather ingenious accessory, morphing its way depending on the situation you use it in. It’s light and flexible and it snaps magnetically to the iPad surface.

And it comes in a range of lively colors. Read more »

Microsoft Rally Ball will make you wish you had a Kinect-ed Xbox and a WP7 smartphone

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Here’s a video showcasing how your Windows Phone 7 smartphone could be turning into an Xbox 360 controller (Kinect included). It’s a tech demo only and it’s not certain whether the integration between the Windows Phone and the Xbox ecosystem will ever run so deep.

But it’s a cool video nonetheless and it surely deserves your geeky attention. Read more »

Wanna see some 3D? Check out this awesome Optimus 3D video

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Ok, enough teasing and enough CGI-enhanced video ads. This is the real deal. If you ever wanted to see 3D imaging captured with a regular video camera, here it is. No goggles needed.

We’re reporting from the MWC 2011 where LG just showcased the LG Optimus 3D for the first time. And there goes this video we took. Here’s what watching 3D clips on the Optimus 3D is like. Read more »

Listen to the XPERIA Play product manager talk about the gaming phone of his life

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You can imagine that the man most passionate about the new XPERIA Play, is its very own product manager. You see, the product manager is like a parent – he starts from scratch (or a sketch, for that matter), and carefully carries over his baby along until he sees it out the door as a finished product.

You can bet this Aaron Duke, product manager of Sony Ericsson XPERIA Play, has a lot to say about his own baby…
Read more »

Server was under attack, failed to live blog from any MWC event tonight

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Hey there, we had a really rough evening today. An hour before all press events started, we got a serious Denial-of-Services attack on our server. Our blog got hit the hardest. As a result we’ve missed our live blog schedule.

We’re deeply sorry, you can imagine our own disappointment too. Things are looking better now and hopefully, we’ll be able to cover all new product announcements over at

We still have our best guys out there in the field, doing all the hard work so you can bet you will get all the juicy details this evening.

Watch the full Nokia-Microsoft press conference inside

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Nokia actually dropped some pretty heavy bombs today with their WP7 announcement. We didn’t really expect that in spite of the initial rumors yesterday.

I’m not really sure that Windows Phone 7 is what Nokia needs right now. They plan for at least two years of transition period before they fully develop the new ecosystem. Two years is a lot of time and bad things can happen to their financial results and their place on the smartphone market in that time.

Nokia-Microsoft press conference

Watch the full Nokia-Microsoft joint press conference here: Read more »

Can your phone record 1080p video? The LG Optimus 2X can

by 1,023 comments

You’ve probably heard of the LG Optimus 2X. It’s the first smartphone utilizing the Nvidia Tegra 2 platform. Another first is the 1080p video recording that you may have missed on its lengthy specs sheet.

LG Optimus 2X

You can bet I have a real camera sample for you. Read more »

Get your Motorola ATRIX fix with this short video ad marathon

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The Motorola ATRIX was among the most interesting announcements at this year’s CES. Not only because it’s among the few Android smartphones powered by the powerful Tegra 2 platform, but also because it comes with a bunch of docking accessories, which can turn the device from a TV video player with its own remote to a slim netbook (or smartbook, if you like) with a proper screen and a hardware keyboard.

Motorola ATRIX

I’ve got you a whole playlist of short video ads of the Atrix. The playlist includes 10 clips and it’s total running time is 3 minutes. Read more »

Here is what NVIDIA Tegra 2 can do for you

by 1,107 comments

I bet you’ve seen the NVIDIA Tegra 2 moniker been thrown all over the place these days. CES 2011 is over now and we saw a slew of smartphones, tablets and whatnot’s powered by Nvidia’s latest and greatest mobile platform. So what’s all the fuss about it and how high should you place your expectations for your next dual-core smartphone?

Tegra 2 chips

It sure sounds like the next best thing in the business and we’re more than happy to serve your curiosity by delving deeper into what stands behind this label up there.
Read more »

The definitive guide to surviving Christmas zombie infestation: don’t prioritize your pies

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Now this one is a must-see video in case you get a zombie outbreak just around Christmas. The precious advice is compiled in a nice looking video with proper demonstrations. Oh, zombies – as if the holiday wasn’t stressful enough.

Surviving zombie Christmas

So are you ready to fight off some zombie hordes while you bake your pies? Watch and you’ll see. Read more »

Motorola teases with its Android tablet on video, set to reveal more at CES 2011?

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Now here’s an interesting video in which Motorola is teasing us with its upcoming Android-based tablet. The device is going to run the next iteration of Android, codenamed Honeycomb.

Motorola Honeycomb tablet

The thing is we’ve already seen an unannounced Motorola tablet in a pretty close encounter and we’ve also seen it waltzing on stage, so we don’t think Motorola has a enough left to surprise us, but who knows. Read more »

Apple announces a 11.6-inch MacBook Air, new Mac OS 10.7 Lion plus AppStore and FaceTime for Macs

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It’s been quite busy in the Apple camp – the focus is again shifting towards computers. And as usual, usually gets interesting when Steve Jobs gets on stage. Anyway, I’m not going to recap last night’s “Back to the Mac” event. Instead, I’ll offer you a quick recap of the highlights as I see them.

Perhaps the most important announcement is the new generation of MacBook Air. Available in two flavors – with a 11.6 and a 13.6-inch screens – the new MBAs are thinner and lighter than ever. That’s been made possible by doing away with the hard drive altogether.

New MacBook Air

Read more »

Watch two cellphones go head-to-head Transformers style

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Here’s a video that doesn’t need much introduction. It’s impressive as a videographer’s first attempt in DSLR video creation. The characters and the 3D animation are cool, as well. The video was shot mainly with a Canon 550D but they’ve included a Nikon D5000 as a sidekick as well. The second camera was used so that the author can shoot a scene from two angles simultaneously. The whole shooting was done in 2 hours, post took a good month.

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