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Motorola teases with its Android tablet on video, set to reveal more at CES 2011?

Now here’s an interesting video in which Motorola is teasing us with its upcoming Android-based tablet. The device is going to run the next iteration of Android, codenamed Honeycomb.

Motorola Honeycomb tablet

The thing is we’ve already seen an unannounced Motorola tablet in a pretty close encounter and we’ve also seen it waltzing on stage, so we don’t think Motorola has a enough left to surprise us, but who knows.

Following the Android product cycle, Android Honeycomb won’t be available before the summer of 2011, but obviously Motorola will have something ready to show as at CES 2011, which is due in early January next year. I guess, we’re about to see in a few weeks.

Now enough talking, enjoy the video.



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