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Feast your eyes on this full-length HTC Desire HD promo video

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HTC was only unveiled recently. Now we get to see a 7-minute promo video of the new smartphone as an appetizer before you actually get to play with it in the store.

HTC Desire HD

The HTC Desire HD is the GSM version of the US-dwelling HTC Evo 4G. It runs on Android 2.2 with the latest Sense UI and it’s got a 4.3 inches of touchscreen and 8 megapixels worth of a camera that sports 720p video recording.
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Nokia N8 is behind the shooting of this wonderful stop-motion short movie

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CellScope is a mobile phone holder/attachment that turns an autofocus cameraphone into a high-resolution digital microscope. The following stop-motion video was shot with Nokia N8 and CellScope. You can see the shooting rig in the final seconds of the clip.

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All new Nikon D7000 DSLR screams pro – here are some 20 new mouth-watering features

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Nikon just churned out the full specs of their next prosumer DSLR – the Nikon D7000. After we saw that teaser press shot yesterday, now we have the real deal.

Nikon D7000

The most interesting turn of events here is that the new D7000 actually occupies a new position in the Nikon DSLR portfolio. It’s placed between the current D90 and D300s models and as you would see it’s got better specs than both. Design-wise however it’s much the same as the D90 for what it’s worth. It’s almost the same size and weight as the D90 and Nikon D7000 engineers have obviously used the D90 body as a starting point for their product chassis.

But enough talking, here are the 20 new features that make the Nikon D7000 worth your time: Read more »

Here’s the full 10-minute Galaxy Tab video advertisement for your weekend kick-back enjoyment

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Now that the hectic week is almost behind us, here’s are some longer Galaxy Tab ad materials that you can enjoy from the comfort of your sofa this weekend. We’ve recorded the following two videos from the Galaxy Tab unveiling event yesterday. We’ve split them in two but combined they make for a total of 10 minutes of high-quality ad material. It’s pretty nice to watch (though if I were directing I would have sped it up a little bit).

Samsung Galaxy Tab

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Samsung Galaxy Tab benchmark results are out, sweeps the floor with Galaxy S

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We managed to snatch a Galaxy Tab off the show floor and we ran a few regular Android benchmarks on it. Here go the shots, so you can see them for yourself.

Samsung Galaxy TabSamsung Galaxy Tab Samsung Galaxy Tab
Samsung Galaxy Tab benchmarks results

And now that you’ve seen those, check the Samsung Galaxy S Android 2.1 benchmarks that we’ve done for our regular review.
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Android keyboard shootout and your chance to get a beta Swype invite waiting inside

by 547 comments, a support site for Samsung smartphone users, has put together a nice shootout between the available software keyboards for Android OS. They have put through their paces the stock Android 2.1 keyboard, Better Keyboard, Swype, TouchPal, SwiftKey Beta, and ThickButtons.

While you should definitely check their shootout, the best way of picking a keyboard is testing it yourself.

While you can get pretty much all of those on your handset today, there’s one exception. If you own an Android smartphone that doesn’t have Swype preinstalled by the manufacturer, the only official way of tasting the Swype way of inputting text was by joining their closed beta program, which unfortunately has been closed for some time now.

Swype however has decided to give out a limited number of invites to the program. We have a total of 20 of those and we are going to give all of those to you, our readers.
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Breaking: Samsung Galaxy Tab official teaser video released, official announcement due in 9 days

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The Samsung tablet is just around the corner and, understandably, rumors about it are intensifying by the hour. But now we have something that’s better than any rumor or blurry spy shot – an official promo video.

Samsung Galaxy Tab

The video doesn’t say much about the tablet itself but it still confirms that it will be running Android 2.2 and will support video-calling. There will also be a second camera at the back of the 7-inch tablet and it will allow full web browsing (which probably means Flash support).

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New Canon G12 camera leaks, brings HD video and in-camera HDR

by 22 comments

The latest generation of Canon’s premium compacts is obviously just around the corner as CNET Asia jumped the gun today, publishing their preview of the camera before the official announcement.

Canon G12

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Nikon D3100 DSLR unveiled, shoots 1080p video with industry-first continuous Live View auto focus

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Today Nikon updated the lower end of its DSLR spectrum with an impressive new camera that has been rumored for some time now – the D3100. Not only is it Nikon’s first 1080p shooting DSLR camera, but it’s also the industry-first DSLR camera with continuous auto focus (or full-time servo AF, as they call it).

Nikon D3100

Some two years ago, Nikon was the first manufacturer to introduce a video-recording DSLR – the Nikon D90, which I’m still happily using, by the way.

I’m certainly interested in video recording, but the D90 video controls are way too limited and videos turn far too noisy for my liking. Canon has it much better in that department and I neglect my DSLR’s video recording capabilities. But continuous auto focus – now that’s something…
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Don’t forget to share this video, says Sly Stallone, we duly obey, watch the latest The Expendables promo

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It’s rare that you see a movie with such a nice viral ad campaign. You shouldn’t miss this short video, in which Sylvester Stallone gives a quick interview about The Expendables, its latest movie, when things suddenly go wrong. For the bad guys, as least. Got your attention? Jump right in, it’s under a minute.

The Expendables

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Want some USB file transfers functionality on your iOS 4 device? Look again, it’s right there!

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The iOS 4 brought many changes and new features to all the compatible devices. We just unearthed a new feature that has so far laid low below our radar. It obviously skipped the official praises by Apple as well and you only get to see it once you install a compatible application from the Apple AppStore.

But without further ado, I present you… drag-and-drop file transfers from any desktop computer to any iOS device (incl. iPad) over a cable USB connection. No syncing needed. How’s that for a start? Read more »

Adobe’s FlashTime to bring free p2p videocalling to all Androids out there, a touch of sarcasm too

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On the course of working on the latest beta builds of Adobe Flash and Adobe AIR 2.5 for Android smartphones, Adobe dropped a tingling teaser – their FlashTime video chat app. Still not included in the beta software builds, the playfully named video chat runs real-time between two Nexus One phones on the video demo following the break.

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Master Yoda in Tom Tom voice recording studio, left you must keep

by 290 comments

You all probably hate those lifeless or overexuberant voices on your SatNav unit. Well, TomTom obviously puts a lot of effort in changing that – including their latest Star Wars voice pack. They’ve got Yoda, Darth Vader and C-3PO voices ready for download (at a price, of course) with Han Solo coming later this summer. But that’s not what this post is all about. Nope.

It’s about TomTom’s funny viral ads for these voice packs – you don’t want to miss those. Read more »

iPhone 4 battery life test is over – turns out undisputed video playback champ

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It’s rarely that we do dedicated battery life tests with mobile gear because it’s time-consuming and honestly, doesn’t seem to influence buying decisions that much (unless it’s a flop). But when we have the opportunity we like to walk that extra mile with certain high-end handsets. And lately, it’s worth it. Because they seem to be getting better and better, despite all the extra features each new generation brings to the table. Today we’ll see how the iPhone 4 is doing in that department.

iPhone 4
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Apple iPhone 4 is finally in our hands, we go rampant

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Apple’s latest phone has certainly kept many gadget-lovers awake at night. It has been an uneasy waiting for us too. Well, the iPhone 4 is finally here. And it’s here to stay obviously as my colleagues are not letting it go anytime soon.

From the brief time I managed to snatch them off their hands, I enjoyed the snappiness of the UI. While at first glance, the general UI is not much faster than the iPhone 3GS, loading times for most applications are way shorter on the iPhone 4. Read more »