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Screen protector brings a tactile keyboard to the iPhone, meet the 4iThumbs

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Have an iPhone and miss the reassuring clicks and feedback of a REAL keyboard? Regardless of its generation, the iPhone has always been a great messaging (read: mailing) device but even after the added landscape software keyboard there is still no hardware one. Up until now. Thanks to 4iThumbs.

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Nokia releases Qt 4.6, now with more multitouch and kinetic scrolling

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All the talk about which manufacturer is dropping Symbian has turned out mostly false. But the separation between Symbian and Maemo is a problem for Nokia. Which is why they released an update for their Qt framework to bridge the gap. Now, using the same codebase, the developers can target both Symbian and Maemo.

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Thunderbird 3 RC1 out now, tabbed browsing onboard

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A few days ago Mozilla released the Thunderbird 3 RC1 for public use. There are numerous additions and improvements to the functionality and the user interface to this popular desktop email client, OS search integration is also included. The first and most important change to the Thunderbird UI however is the tabbed email browsing.

Thunderbird RC1 ready for download

Tabbed email browsing comes naturally as the most popular web browser have been using it for quite a while. And we really liked how it’s integrated in Thunderbird 3.

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Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 arrived at our doorstep, we have some goodies to show you

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All the waiting has paid off, we have it our hands. The Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 or as its friends call it, Rachael, is in our office. It only just arrived, but we already have quite a bit to show you. Or more like tease you. We’re working on a preview but we just started so chew slowly.

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Report on the Samsung i8910 OmniaHD points out its flaws

by 724 comments

Ah, a scorned fan. We’ve all been there, but this one decided to keep a cool head and sat down to write a report on the problem at hand. Instead of, you know, venting in an Internet forum and calling people (and companies) names. And what a report it is.
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Nokia Human Research Department viral videos allow you to enjoy the *mini* things in life

by 456 comments

When things come slightly smaller, our test subjects start feeling good… Really, really good – the Nokia Human Research Department concludes in one of their latest test researches.

This post is not about reporting about any serious scientific proof of anything. The Nokia Human Research Department is about good old fun and we hope you enjoy those “mini” sized bites. The reactions of the innocent by-standers certainly call for a laugh or two as well.

Nokia N97 mini virals

If you haven’t got it yet – here are two viral video ads of Nokia N97 mini that you most probably won’t see on TV.

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Canon vs. Nikon battle takes over the stage

by 659 comments

This is hardly really tech news but it’s so hilarious that we couldn’t help ourselves but share it with you. Apparently the eternal my lens-is-brighter-than-your-lens war is now taking over the music stage. The rap video below tells the story of the contemporary Romeo and Juliet who cannot be together due to the differences in their photography gear tastes.

The video probably won’t bring any Grammy awards to its creators but we bet it can bring a smile on your face. Check it out after the break.

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Making 3D models with just a webcam and what it’s good for

by 648 comments

If you read tech blogs you’ve probably seen a demo of ProFORMA, which uses just a single, ordinary webcam to generate a 3D model of something… in real time. And although it’s still a work in progress, the creators say that in a few months there will be a demo up for download, which works on Linux, with the Windows version following soon after. This means we only have a few months to figure out what to do with it. Let’s see…

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Mozilla embraces Direct2D GPU rendering, laughs in the face of IE 9

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There’s very little we know about Internet Explorer 9 but certainly one the most interesting bits that is already publicly available is that it will support hardware graphics acceleration. And here come those bad guys from Mozilla Foundation to steal the limelight again.

Mozilla Firefox

Internet Explorer 9 will undoubtedly have other surprises in store for us, if we live long enough to see its release (it will probably be out in 2011). Nonetheless, getting beaten at its own game again surely hurts.

Of course we saw that coming at the moment Microsoft published the Windows 7 Direct2D API but it’s happening even sooner than we expected. Apparently Bas Schouten and his team already have at their hands a Firefox browser that can render everything using Direct2D, making intensive usage of the GPU (including the browser UI elements themselves). And the load times it shows on some websites, compared to the regular version are impressively different. You can check them out after the break.

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Next up for review: It’s BlackBerry Bold 9700 time and we have an unboxing vid for you

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We have to admit that all this interest for the BlackBerry Bold 9700 puzzles us a bit. No, it’s not a bad handset or anything but the BlackBerry devices are anything but mass market and feature-stuffed. But then again, that only makes the BlackBerry Bold 9700 achievement all the more prestigious.

BlackBerry Bold 9700BlackBerry Bold 9700BlackBerry Bold 9700
Our first BlackBerry Bold 9700 studio shots

And now that we have one of those babies in our office we can finally check out what all this fuss is about ourselves. The BlackBerry Bold 9700 is certainly much more compact and easily fitting in the hand than its predecessor. Oh and that trackpad certainly works great too outdoing the E72 optical trackpad by several laps.

BlackBerry Bold 9700BlackBerry Bold 9700BlackBerry Bold 9700
BlackBerry Bold 9700 next to Nokia E72

As a special treat for you guys, we’ve prepared a short unboxing video for you. Check it out after the break.

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Music genes are for real, they determine what genres we like, sort of

by 52 comments

According to a Nokia Music study genes determine our taste in music… well, sort of. As it turned out genetics are more or less involved in the final results depending on the genRes themselves and their influence is decreased with the age.

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Will you run Android 2.0 on your droidish device?

by 431 comments

Well, if you own a G1, a Dream or a Hero, then most probably you’re in for a nice treat! Not only can you get the Android 2.0 goodness on your smartphone, but also as recently became clear, you can even get Google Maps Navigation even outside USA. On the other hand, if you own a Motorola Droid, please just find another place to enjoy your smug grin, will you?

So where were we? Ah, the Android 2.0. It turns out that after Google let their 2.0 cat out of the bag (meaning they released the complete source code), there’s no stopping the hard working devs into porting it to *unofficially* to older devices.

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Two new builds of Windows Mobile 6.5.3 leak, can you spot a difference?

by 1 comments

I’ve seen screenshots of a facelift version of Windows Mobile 6.5 before, which itself is a facelift version of an aging OS. Now, the Internet rumor mill strikes again and delivers screenshots of a newer version WinMo version – v6.5.3.

They actually show a UI that seem better suited for thumb operation, not just larger versions of the old controls.

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You can’t deny modular handsets may just be the future of mobile phones

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Let’s face it, phones are getting big….over the last six months we’ve had the release of a series of touchscreen phones that have pushed the boundaries of the term ‘mobile’. Samsung have released the Omnia 2 and the Omnia HD, both of which sported 3.7” screens. Toshiba unleashed the TG01 with its massive 4.1” screen,  Acer the NeoTouch with a 3.8” screen and lately HTC have topped them all with the HD2 and its massive 4.3” screen.

Fujitsu modular phones

But I think soon we are going to reach a tipping point. Those 4.3” are probably the limit of what people are going to be willing to carry around all day. I mean, people are going to start looking a bit silly holding these huge slabs of plastic up to their ears.

So it was with interest that I read on Akihabara News about a new handset released in Japan by Fujitsu whose various parts – screen, QWERTY and alphanumeric keyboard, mini-projector – can all be detached from each other and used separately. The screen can be used by itself to watch TV or films, surf the internet or you can connect it up to the keyboard for gaming action or messaging.

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Nokia E72 lands in our office, we do unboxing

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Look what we have here, folks. The long awaited Nokia E72 landed in our office a few hours ago. It looks quite stylish and it walks and talks business. This is what the Nokia E71 should have been in the first place – perhaps the numerous E71 users will find some reason to upgrade.

Nokia E72Nokia E72Nokia E72Nokia E72
Nokia E72

We’ve prepared a quick unboxing video for you just as a teaser of our upcoming review. The video itself is just after the break.

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