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Getting around the HDTV mumbo-jumbo

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Now do you go for LCD or plasma? For 720p or 1080p? For 60Hz or 600Hz? And how do you know when more is not necessarily better? Oh, and I’ve got an even more serious one for you – what’s the best technology your money can buy right now – OLED, LED or LED-backlit TVs?

HDTV’s have been around for quite some time now – so much that they’ve successfully replaced the older CRT variety on floor stands quite successfully. Unfortunately, few of their ground-breaking features actually make sense to the general public. I myself have been involved in advising numerous HDTV buys so I know that personally. That’s the reason why a good primer on HDTV technologies and features such as the one below didn’t escape my attention.
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Adidas present the ball that will be used for the 2010 World cup, meet Jabulani

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Adidas have just presented the official ball of the next World Cup tournament. Named Jabulani, which means “to celebrate” in Zulu, the new ball has a striking surface 70 percent larger than its predecessor. This has been achieved by reducing the number of panels from fourteen to eight.

Another Adidas trademark technology called Grip’n'Groove should help improve the Jabulani accuracy.
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Google offers personalized search for everyone, creeps us a little

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Just because you are paranoid, it doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you. Since yesterday not having a Google account is not going to stop your browsing history and web search behavior from getting recorded. But there’s hardly anything to worry about here, Google is only going to use that data to provide more relevant search results (and advertising, of course).

The last 180 days of your search are linked to an anonymous cookie and are taken into account when you make your next search. You can check out how much that improves the search engine accuracy by clicking the “View customizations” link on the top right of the search results page.

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Canon patents touchscreen DSLR with sweep gestures, puzzles us

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We have a feeling the photo community won’t be exactly thrilled about this but here it goes. Canon has just filled a patent for a touchscreen DSLR that would allow changing the aperture and the shutter speed by finger sweeps across the screen.

There are many other features described in the patent that would also be touch controlled such as metering, exposure compensation etc. but there is no saying of the exact nature of the gestures that would be used.

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Intel readies an AppStore for netbooks, netbooks could become even more popular

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Netbooks are about to make a big step in their evolution by getting their very own AppStore. It is developed by no other than Intel, which is behind the most popular CPU used in netbooks, the Atom (you can almost say it’s the netbook CPU).

The new AppStore will be targeting both Windows and Moblin (Intel’s own Linux-based OS designed specifically for netbooks) with more platforms on the way (Adobe’s AIR and Microsoft’s Silverlight for example). Intel has ensured themselves support from the major netbook manufacturers who will preinstall the AppStore client on every device they sell.

But make no mistake, this here AppStore is no imaginary thing, it’s already opened for app submission.

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Android 2.0.1 SDK released, updates as much as the version suggests

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The Andoid dev team has released the SDK for the version 2.0.1 of the Google mobile OS. Just as the naming suggests Android 2.0.1 is a pretty minor update to the 2.0 including several bugfixes and behavior changes.

There is also an update to the Android 1.6 SDK component. Revision 2 includes fixes to the compatibility mode for applications that don’t support multiple screen sizes, as well as SDK fixes.

Here’s the link to the complete changelog.

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Sony Ericsson staff demoing Timescape UI on XPERIA X10

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The official Sony Ericsson product blog has put up a live demo video of their customary Timescape UI running on the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10. We already have a hands-on preview of the smartphone, but it’s nice to see Sony Ericsson staff do the talking.

Now check out the video…
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Google quietly launches Google Dictionary, continues Internet domination

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Some of the most important things in a blog writer’s toolbox are a good dictionary and a thesaurus. A good English to English helps me make sure a word means what I think it means or I’m off to the thesaurus to avoid nasty repetitions.

  I always thought “drake” meant dragon

Personally, I’ve been using and (editorial: is a good suggestion, as well), but now Google launched their own dictionary and I think I might jump ship.

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Is Acer Aspire 8942G-728G1280TWN what gamers dream of?

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Acer are obviously prepping a new gaming laptop. The new monster will come with an 1.6 GHz Intel i7 quad-core processor, 8GB DDR3 RAM and AMD HD5850 video with 1GB GDDR5 – all that promises full DirectX 11 support.

The amazing specs list continues with an 18.4-inch LED 1080p Full HD display, two 640GB SATA HDDs and a BluRay drive.
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The Snapdragon powered projector equipped LG GW820 eXpo smartphone caught on video

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When we are talking a projector-equipped handset like the newly revealed LG GW820 eXpo words are not quite enough to give you an exact idea of its capabilities. Luckily, here comes the first hand-on video demonstrating what the eXpo’s all about.

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Canon EOS 7D review: Bridging a gap

by 869 comments

In terms of feature set and technology innovation, the Canon EOS 7D is definitely a ground breaking prosumer camera in the Canon DSLR portfolio. And it’s got a new portfolio segment all to itself.

I was anxious to get it as soon as it became available and for the past couple of months I’ve been using it extensively for various photography tasks. And here’s a spoiler for you – I’m really pleased with it. To learn more, check out the full preview.

Canon EOS 7DCanon EOS 7DCanon EOS 7D
Canon EOS 7D official photos

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Bing Maps impresses with Bird’s eye view, Map apps

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Google Maps was probably the first free map service that allowed you to zoom in to street level and view aerial photos, not just an abstract map, for pretty much the entire world. Sure, maximum zoom level varied but for the all the major cities, you can get close enough to see cars and people.

Google then went on to add many other cool features, like Street View, but now Microsoft is catching up. Bing Maps now matches most of the functionality of Google Maps but has one more ace up its sleeve – the Bird’s eye mode, which is pretty amazing.
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Iron Man 2 gets its first official poster, coming on 7 May 2010

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I’m sure the huge success of the first Iron Man movie surprised even its creators, so they immediately started making its sequel. And I’m sure Robert Downey Jr will rock the white screen once again.

A few months after the announcement of the sequel, it was confirmed that Tony Stark (the Iron Man character) will also have a part in the upcoming The Avengers, scheduled for 2012. Well, there is a lot of time until we see any of these movies, but here’s the first official Iron Man 2 poster. The release date of 7 May 2010 seems so distant.

While you are waiting for the official high quality trailer (which should be released this month), you can enjoy the leaked 5 minutes teaser from the Comic Con last summer.
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Android 2.1 may come on 10 December, 2.1 ROM already available for HTC Hero

by 14 comments

A few days ago Google updated their official Android website and the speculations have gone wild. The most viable rumor claims the reason of the site update is the upcoming release of Android OS 2.1.

But no mater they announce it this month or not, the XDA Devs already have a working firmware ROM for HTC Hero owners. That’s right – Android 2.1 running on HTC Hero. Now that’s something.

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The Nokia X6 poll results are in: its capacitive touchscreen wins the day

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Nokia Conversations recently had a poll asking readers for their favorite Nokia X6 feature. The winning feature by far was the 3.2” capacitive touchscreen – Nokia’s first. One in three voted “capacitive” but how the rest of the votes are spread out is pretty interesting too.

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