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Windows 8 overtakes Vista, becomes the third most used desktop OS

8 months after its release in October 2012, Windows 8 has finally surpassed Windows Vista in usage. Microsoft’s latest desktop OS boasts 5.1% market share, whereas the WIndows Vista share has shrunk to 4.62%.

The data comes from research company and market tracker Net Applications. Their research shows that Windows 8 isn’t too far behind Mac OS X (all versions combined), either. At 6.63% combined, Apple’s OS is just at arms reach for the latest release of the Redmond company. Windows 8 marks a decent jump in usage over May, when it had 4.27% share.

At the top of the chart remain Windows 7 and Windows XP with 44.37% and 37.17%, respectively. This puts Microsoft as the undisputed champion in the desktop operating systems market in June with a 91.51% slice. Mac OS is distant second with 7.2% (including older versions, not just OS X) and Linux is third with 1.28%.

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