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Nvidia officially announces the GTX 680, blows AMD out of the water in benchmarks

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After an unofficial sneak peak yesterday, the first of the Kepler series of graphics cards, the Nvidia GTX 680, has now been officially announced. This is Nvidia’s flagship graphics card for now and is the fastest they have ever built. It uses the 28nm fabrication process, a first for an Nvidia GPU, along with some other new tech, such as GPU Boost.

What GPU Boost does is it automatically increases the clock speed of the GPU when it is under load, from a base clock speed of 1006MHz to 1058MHz to provide better frame rates. But what this feature also does is it reduces the clock speed when the GPU is not being taxed, dropping down all the way to 324MHz during idle. Read more »

Microsoft Mustang, anyone?

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Microsoft shows off some muscle as a new decked out Ford Mustang has popped up, code named Project Detroit.

Built by West Coast Customs, the Mustang features flashy light kits, Windows Phone controls, Xbox 360′s and Windows tablets galore. Read more »

Facebook rolls out high-resolution photo viewing plus a full-screen view mode

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Following its update of the Photo viewer back in February, Facebook starts rolling out a new feature to allow viewing pictures in even higher resolution.

That is, if you have a monitor big enough to show the high-res photo in all of its glory. And if you do, from now on you could see photos up to four times larger than before. Read more »

Sony Xperia TV ad airs, makes you sigh “Aaaw”

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As promised a couple of days ago, the Sony Xperia TV spot directed by Wes Anderson has hit YouTube. And let’s cut straight to the chase: it’s inspiring.

The advertisement presents the inner workings of the Xperia S through the eyes of children when asked how they think the device works. And the results are robots. Many of them.

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We examine the New Apple iPad heating issues, see how it compares to the iPad 2

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The new iPad heating issues have been one of the hottest topics in the tablet realm over the past couple of days – opinions range from the heat being intolerable to it’s not a big deal. That’s why we decided to conduct a few tests ourselves and found out more about it.

We were aiming to answer two questions – how hot does the new iPad get in regular usage and what is causing the supposed overheating issues. So here’s what we did – we placed the new Apple slate alongside its iPad 2 predecessor and started checking out how the two would react to various challenges.
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Samsung puts music to your Pocket in Africa

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Samsung is planning to unveil a new music service exclusive to Africa called Samsung Pocket Music.

Appropriately enough, the new music service will be unveiled on the Samsung Galaxy Pocket, a device that Samsung claims is specifically designed with the African market in mind. Read more »

Tegra 3 packing Acer Iconia Tab A510 goes on pre-order in North America

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The Acer Iconia Tab A510 that we saw at CES this year just went on pre-order in North America. The A510 is a 10.1″ tablet running Android 4.0 ICS on a Tegra 3 chipset. Acer has decided to go ahead and sell the Olympic Edition of the tablet.

They also unveiled the remaining features and specs to fill in the blanks (Acer announced only preliminary specs at CES). They include a list of productivity apps that come preinstalled with the tablet and other cool stuff. Read more »

Windows Phone 7 Tango doesn’t actually allow up to 8 apps to run in the background

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Remember when we told you that Tango, the latest update to Windows Phone 7, supports up to eight running applications in the background? Well, this turns out not to be true, as HTC HD2 developer HD2Owner over at XDA Developers proves.

It turns out that the official Tango update will support up to five apps for fast switching, and the magical eight were only supported in a custom ROM. Read more »

Angry Birds Space now available for iOS, Android, Mac and Windows

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The wait is over. Rovio launched today the next edition of their famous Angry Birds franchise. Dubbed Angry Birds Space, the game, as you’d imagine, features all new physics, levels and birds.

We already acquainted you with all the new birds and as for the levels they are different from what you are used to from previous Angry Birds games. Read more »

The new Photoshop CS6 is ready for download, in beta

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Adobe has launched Photoshop CS6 Beta for you to test out. It’s available as a free download from the source link below and once installed will greet you with loads of new features and improvements.

Right off the bat, you’ll notice that the user interface of the new Photoshop has been redesigned. Gone is the default light theme of the application and replacing it is a darker styled look, which Adobe says creates a more distracting-free environment to work in. Read more »

Android 4.0 update for the Sony Tablet P and S to arrive in April

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Sony may not have had much success in the tablet market but that doesn’t mean it still can’t treat the few people who bought its tablets to the latest version of Android. According to the latest update, Sony will be releasing the Android 4.0.3 update to the Sony Tablet S and Tablet P by the end of April.

Along with the usual Ice Cream Sandwich goodness, users will also be treated so a couple of new features. There will be a Blu-ray recorder app, that will let you watch programs recorded on a compatible Sony Blu-ray recorders. You can also start the camera now from the lockscreen, edit your pictures and take Sweep Panorama shots from the camera. Read more »

Upcoming Nvidia GTX 680 gets shown off in a leaked video

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The highly anticipated GeForce 600 ‘Kepler’ series GPU from Nvidia is on the brink of being launched with the flagship GTX 680 being the first out of the gate. With this new GPU, Nvidia plans on reclaiming the title of the world’s fastest single GPU graphics card, beating the recently launched AMD Radeon HD 7970.

But before the wraps come off, someone has already managed to snag the official video of the GTX 680 and uploaded it on YouTube. Read more »

Pantech Burst for AT&T battery test is over, here are the results

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The LTE rocking Pantech Burst for AT&T has a relatively small for its spec sheet, 1650mAh battery on board, which has a lot to deal with. We were therefore quite curious to find out how will it fare in our battery test.

As always, the first feature we examined was the device’s talk time. Read more »

Minecraft for XBLA to be announced soon

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News posted on the official Xbox Live Arcade games blog hints at an imminent announcement of an arcade version of Minecraft.

The upcoming edition will be called Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition (I know, we were shocked, too) in order to distinguish it from the PC game. To celebrate the upcoming announcement, is giving away two custom Minecraft Xbox 360s, although when and under what conditions is still up in the air.

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Chrome managed to temporarily become the most used browser

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It has finally happened! Internet Explorer and all of its versions got kicked out of their cozy throne as the world’s most popular browser by the new kid on the browser block – Google Chrome.

Sadly, this happened only for a brief day. According to StatCounter’s data, Chrome’s victory only lasted 24 hours, on March 18 and IE has claimed its old position on the top spot since then.

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