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BlackBerry pauses global roll-out for BBM on iPhone and Android

So after a long time BlackBerry finally decided to release BlackBerry Messenger, or BBM, on the iPhone and Android. The dates were set; September 21 for the Android version and September 22 for the iPhone version. And when the time finally arrived, they dropped the ball.

The first comedy arrived in the form of September 21 coming and going with no sign of the Android version. Thankfully, the company kept their word and released the iPhone version on September 22 but the Android version was still not available despite the fact that it had a one day headstart. And then finally, the company pulled even the iPhone version from the App Store.

According to their blog, an unreleased version of BBM for Android was leaked online, which saw over 1.1 million people using it in the first 8 hours. This version seemingly had issues, so BlackBerry had to halt the launch of the legit versions for whatever reasons so that they could sort the issues with the leaked version, which doesn’t really make much sense.

Anyhow, BlackBerry is still working on releasing both versions of the app once again but hasn’t given any dates this time. Those who downloaded the iPhone version can seemingly use it again after a brief period of the service being down. We’ll let you know when the app hits the respective stores properly again. Until then, try and stay away from all the fakes that are floating around, especially on the Play Store.



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