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HTC One series Menu button mystery solved

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Ever since HTC announced the One series at MWC last month, the one thing that has been bugging me was the layout of the keys at the bottom of the display. You see, unlike the Galaxy Nexus, HTC went for hard keys that are permanently placed at the bottom of the display, instead of soft keys on the display.

As you can see, there is no dedicated Menu button, because Android 4.0 does not require a dedicated Menu button. Google has advised developers to get rid of the Menu buttons completely and place all the important functions on the screen itself, with the other, less important functions inside a drop down menu placed on the top right of the screen in ICS-optimized apps. But what about the older apps that are not ICS-optimized and rely on the Menu button to display all the additional functions? Read more »

Tizen and BlackBerry 10 browser top the HTML5 test benchmark

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The Linux-based Tizen platform is yet to see the light of day on a retail handset but it goes without saying that the OS is being tested internally by Samsung. As such, we are not completely surprised to see the name pop-up in benchmark results, which in this case happens to be the browser based HTML5 test.

What’s interesting, however, is that the Tizen browser not only showed up in the benchmark, it also managed to top it within its category (Mobile Phones) while running on an unknown device. But it wasn’t alone; snapping at its heels was a browser from another, yet to be launched OS, the BlackBerry 10. Read more »

Did Samsung hide a picture of the Galaxy Tab 11.6 on its site?

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A picture of an unannounced 10+ inch tablet is hidden on Samsung’s own website. Digging into the recently uploaded brochure on the Exynos 5 Dual application processor you can clearly see a new mysterious tablet, which looks to be a 10-incher or larger, but is definitely not one of the already announced 10-inch Tabs.

The hint is in the chipset – Exynos 5 Dual is based on a dual-core ARM Cortex A-15 processor clocked at 1.7 or 2.0 GHz – the SoC rumored to power the Galaxy Tab 11.6. Read more »

Instagram for Android gets a pre-registration page, still no official launch date

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Founders of insanely popular social photo-sharing iOS app, Instagram made no bones about it at SXSW this year stating that an Android version was on its way and it will be “better than our iPhone app“, in fact they went as far as to say “it’s one of the most amazing Android apps you’ll ever see.

Instagram on Android

With the creators drumming up hype for the Android release and talk of the app’s existence stretching back into last year, one question still remains; when is the official launch date? The answer is still, it would appear, very very soon. Read more »

Nokia testing DLNA streaming functionality for Lumia Windows Phones

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If you like being a guinea pig and you’re a fan of Nokia, there’s every chance you’ve already signed up to Nokia’s Beta Labs and the latest app to enter this unique testing area is Nokia Play To, which is hoping to make it as the native DLNA client that’ll grace the Lumia Windows Phone family.

screens of Nokia Play To

The Play To app already offers the ability to throw pictures, movies and music onto various connected devices around the home, with plans for Media Server support in the near future adding Xbox 360 and PS3 friendly functionality in due time. Read more »

iTunes Movie Trailers app gets Retina Display support for the new iPad

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With the amount of money going down on the table, it’s no surprise that proud new owners of the latest iPad will want to squeeze every ounce of goodness out the new features it brings to the party, namely that all important Retina display.

Brave on iTunes Movie Trailers

Well for the movie buffs and trailer junkies out there, the iTunes Movie Trailers app has just been upgraded to version 1.1, which adds Retina display support for the new iPad. Read more »

GTX 680 tested in quad-SLI configuration, fails to keep up the consistent lead over HD 7970

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After the launch of the Nvidia GTX 680, the initial reviews that came out painted pretty much the same picture, that this new graphics card is better in almost every way compared to the AMD Radeon HD 7970 and is currently the fastest single GPU graphics card available in the market today.

But even before we could stop ogling at the amazing benchmark scores, Hardware.Info has come out with a new review, where they test not one or two but four GTX 680 in a four-way SLI configuration and then they compared it with the HD 7970, which too was set up in a quad-CrossFire configuration. Read more »

Angry Birds Space for Android also comes in premium and tablet-optimized versions

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Amidst all the excitement surrounding the launch of Angry Birds Space one important bit of news that got missed out was the fact that Angry Birds Space is the first version of the game on Android that also has a ad-free premium version ($0.99), along with a tablet-optimized ‘HD’ version ($2.99).

When the game got launched, like most people I ended up downloading the free version, thinking that as usual it would be the only version available. Google also advertises only the free version on its Google Play homepage. Read more »

FCC leaks Sony’s upcoming VAIO Chromebook

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The FCC database revealed a number of elements pertaining to a new member of Sony’s VAIO laptop family this week in the form of the VCC111.

Sony's yet to be released VAIO Chromebook

It would seem that manufactures are still happy to follow through on support for Google’s web connected OS and Sony are shaping up to provide the next Chromebook in the lineup. Read more »

Angry Birds Space headed to Windows Phone…eventually

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Rovio is apparently working on a version of Angry Birds Space for Windows Phone as well.

If you’ve been keeping up with all of your latest Angry Birds rumors, as you should be, you might have picked up hints that there isn’t going to be a WP version somewhere down the line. All of that has since been refuted. Read more »

Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G lit its way through our studio

by 6 comments

In case you were wondering like me, the answer is no – Samsung are not done churning out versions of the two-year old Galaxy S. The latest one is a U.S. bound, T-Mobile exclusive version, which goes by the rather long name Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G.

The newcomer to the Galaxy S lineup is the second member to enter the dual-core realm, following the footsteps of the Samsung Galaxy S Advance I9070. Read more »

The new iPad hits 25 additional countries today

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As promised Apple unleashed the new iPad today into 25 more countries around the world. The first wave began on March 16 with Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Puerto Rico, Singapore, Switzerland, UK, United States and the US Virgin Island.

Today the iPad officially makes a debut in Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Macau, Mexico, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden. Read more »

The “Bird Man” video is a hoax, the author admits

by 12 comments

If you’ve spent any time on the internet over the past few days, you may have stumbled upon a certain video of a guy who succeeds at flying like a bird with a set of custom-built wings. There were plenty of debates over the authenticity of the viral clip, but now we have an official confirmation that it’s merely a hoax.

The author himself spoke on a Dutch TV show and revealed the truth about the video. It took 8 months to make and was meant to be an experiment about online media. It’s yet another proof you shouldn’t believe everything you see on the internet, even if multiple sources have confirmed it. Read more »

Troll app pretends to charge phone with sunlight, fools thousands

by 60 comments

A groundbreaking new Android app is rising in popularity in the Google Play store. It’s called Solar Charger and lets you use the phone’s screen to charge the battery with sunlight.

Yes, of course it’s a fake. The app’s description says so itself, in case your common sense failed you. It’s still a very interesting app, here’s why. Read more »

22nm Intel Valley View Atom specs leaks, to bring a four-fold increase in graphics

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With all the effort focused on ultrabooks and ULV processors like Sandy Bridge, the Intel Atom lineup has hardly been having the best of times recently. However, a leaked presentation indicates that we might not have seen the last of the super power-efficient chipsets.

The next generation of Atoms, codenamed Valley View, will be using 22nm process and will reportedly be coming out next year. It will have an architecture similar to Cedar Trail, but with Ivy Bridge graphics. Read more »