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A 32GB version of the Nokia N8 may be in the works, also the battery is hard to replace

Here are a couple of things you didn’t know about the Nokia N8 – there’s potentially another version of it with 32GB internal storage and the battery is somewhat easily replaceable, but not like Nokia owners are used to…

It took some time (and some rumors) but the Nokia N8 is official. Some lucky people got their hands early on a Nokia N8 complete with packaging – and if you look closely at the box, you’re in for a surprise.

Yep, it says 32GB – this could mean that there will be a 32GB variant of the Nokia N8 (like the Nokia X6, which has a 16GB and a 32GB version), or that someone is playing a cruel prank on us. There are versions of the photo with the “32GB” label missing – either someone added it or photoshopped it out, but I can’t tell which.

If this is true however, the Nokia N8 will have a maximum storage capacity of 64GB (with a 32GB microSD card). That’s more than the Nokia X6 (32GB internal, no microSD), more than the N900 (32GB internal and up to 16GB microSD). It would also match a potential 64GB version of the iPhone 4G/HD.

If and when we’ll see a Nokia N8 32GB, only the guys at Espoo know. Meanwhile there are some serious rumors stockpiling that all add up to

Nokia N8Nokia N8Nokia N8Nokia N8
The battery on the Nokia N8 is not meant to be user replaceable

The other thing – the battery on the Nokia N8 can be replaced, sort of. However you’d need a screwdriver and worse still – doing it will void your warranty. I guess Nokia has some reason for not taking the HTC Legend route (there the battery is accessible without screws, but kind of awkward because of the unibody).

Source: NokiaMovilBlog, The Nokia Blog


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