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Nokia shows DVB-H enabled headset that adds mobile TV to the Nokia N8

With ever increasing wireless Internet speeds, mobile TV has been watched primarily via the web. But Nokia isn’t ready to give up on handheld TV broadcast the regular way, so they’re launching the Mobile TV Headset, which imbues your compatible Symbian^3 handset with DVB-H reception powers…

The Nokia Mobile TV Headset will be sold separately. It plugs into the USB port (the handset needs USB-on-the-go (USB OTG) functionality for the trick to work) and it also functions as a regular handset for calling and listening to music with keys that can change channels and songs.

The Nokia N8 qualifies – it runs Symbian^3 and supports USB OTG. But it’s not out yet (neither are any other Symbian^3 phones) and the headset won’t work on current phones. Nokia C7 and E7 could be compatible too, depending on OTG support (we don’t have official specs yet). MeeGo support is unknown at the moment.

Another potential problem is that DVB-H broadcasts are not available everywhere. New countries are launching broadcasts as time goes on, but still you should check if your region has coverage before considering buying the Mobile TV Headset. On the upside, you don’t need to worry about capped data plans, spotty 3G reception or searching for free Wi-Fi.

Anyway, if you’re in a region with DVB-H broadcast and are planning to buy a compatible phone and you’re willing to shell out 40 euro for this accessory, then you can buy the Nokia Mobile TV Headset some time in Q4 of this year.



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