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Nokia N8 in all its 12MP glory next up for review, video and camera samples inside

Digicams are already feeling the heat as the Nokia N8 enters the doors of our office. Are mobile phones just about to deal a deadly blow to the digicams?

Nokia N8

Now we cannot give answers to that question for the time being as we haven’t spent much quality time with the Nokia N8 just yet. But by the time we complete our preview the answers should shape up.

Nokia N8Nokia N8Nokia N8Nokia N8
Nokia N8 next to Samsung Galaxy S and Apple iPhone 4 • Nokia N8 retail package accessories

What we can give you right now is a hands-on video, some sample shots and a sample video from the camera so you can start forming your own impressions about the live performance of the handset.

In addition to the usual samples we publish we felt that a couple of low-light and a couple of macro shot would be appropriate here. The Nokia N8 is hinting of some serious potential here but it’s a bit too early to pass any final judgments.

Nokia N8Nokia N8Nokia N8Nokia N8Nokia N8Nokia N8
Nokia N8 camera sample photos

Finally here’s the promised sample video, which will also let you see the zoom in action. Notice that unlike most other handsets the Nokia N8 reveals more detail when zooming in (just as if there was optical zoom on board).

Bear in mind, it’s still a pre-release version we have here (though really close to the real thing) so things might be a bit different (even better?) in the retail version that should hit stores any moment now.


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