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Apple introduces Find My Friends, let’s you locate and share your location with others

One of the more interesting things announced at the ‘Let’s Talk iPhone’ event yesterday was Find My Friends for iOS devices. It’s basically an optional location tracking service that you can use on your iOS device.

What ‘Find My Friend’ does is let’s you share your location with your friends. People will ask you for your location and you can share it with them, provided you trust them enough. After that they will see your location as a dot on the map. It uses your contact information so you can keep track of multiple people. Find My Friend let’s you temporarily share your location and shuts down once the specified time runs out.

As long as you keep track of whom you share your location with, Find My Friend will be a useful tool to keep track of people you think are important. Find My Friend is a part of iCloud and works together with Find My iPhone, letting you track down your iOS device in case it gets lost.



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