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Razer announces Tiamat, world’s first true 7.1 channel gaming headset

Razer has a reputation for making exciting accessories for the gamers but it seems this time they have something for the audiophiles as well. Although a surround sound headset won’t be high on the list of must-have items of an audiophile, mostly due to the emulation used to create the surround effect, the Tiamat steers clear of such gimmicks. It packs in not two or four but a grand total of ten drivers, five for each ear.

Out of those ten drivers, you get two drivers for the front, center, side, surround and subwoofer channel each. This means you get to hear all the channels through dedicated drivers instead of having one or two drivers producing the sound of many. The drivers are angled in a way to recreate the placement of a 7.1 speaker set and the transparent speaker case gives you a clear view of them.

The Tiamat comes with a control unit, which lets you adjust the volume of individual channels as well as the master volume and you can also switch between stereo and surround modes depending on your source material. There is also a built-in retractable noise-filtering microphone on the side of the headset. The Tiamat connects to your PC through 3.5mm audio jacks, unlike the USB input on the Megalodon. This means there is no on-board sound processor so make sure you have a good sound card before you plug these in.

The Razer Tiamat will start shipping in Q4 this year for $179.99/€179.99. There will also be a simple 2.2 version that will have two drivers on each side, which will sell for $99.99/€99.99.


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