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Nokia N8 shoots the cover for a photographic magazine

The December issue of the South African PiX photographic magazine is a special one. You can’t see why just by looking at it, but when you learn how it was shot you’ll know it deserves a big credit.

Nokia N8, the highly acclaimed cameraphone, took the cover photo. In fact, the phone did all the shots from which the cover shot was picked.

It’s another first for the N8. After the short movie shot exclusively on the Nokia N8, now it’s the still camera turn.

The purpose of those shots, according to the editor of PiX magazine, is:

“More specifically, we try to get the message across that it is not the hardware that makes a great photographer, but the individual’s understanding of photographic principles.”

It seems he really managed to make a point here.

Here is the behind-the-scenes video:

Despite I don’t find the cover impressive artistically speaking, I admit it looks really good and can’t tell it was shot with a cameraphone.



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