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Galaxy Tab 10.1 Australian ban reversed, Apple targets the German Galaxy Tab 10.1N

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Apple may not be successful at banning the Galaxy Tab 10.1, but it surely made Samsung’s job really hard. While the Australian court has just lifted the ban for the Galaxy Tab 10.1, Apple has filed a motion for banning the new modified Galaxy Tab 10.1N in Germany.

The news coming from Australia is good, but there is a catch – the ban will be lifted this Friday, eventually. This means Apple could appeal the court’s decision and maintain the tablet’s ban for a while. Read more »

Samsung Galaxy Nexus gets torn to pieces, its secrets exposed

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As the tradition with flagship smartphones goes, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus was taken apart by the crafty guys over at iFixit. The Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich pioneer internals were mercilessly exposed and are now available for your viewing pleasure.

The first finding that the teardown brought is that the NFC antenna is inside the battery, rather than the back cover. It’s located underneath the paper that contains the battery specs, along with all the usual warnings, so if you are to replace the Galaxy Nexus battery, make sure that the replacement has an antenna too. Read more »

MOTOACTV coming to UK on December 1, will set you back by 250 quid

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The MOTOACTV, the illegitimate child of the Sony Ericsson Bluetooth watch and the iPod nano, will soon be hitting British shelves this December. Motorola has announced that the MOTOACTV will be available in Sweatshop stores across the UK starting December 1 and it will be priced at £249.99 ($390).

In case you don’t know what the MOTOACTV is, it is a glorified wrist watch running Android. It works like a personal trainer during your workouts, keeping track of all your sessions, how much you ran, how many calories you burned, etc. using the built-in GPS and accelerometer. Read more »

Rooted BlackBerry PlayBook poses for the camera, proves its existence

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If you’ve been keeping a close eye on Twitter for the past few days you’d know that a trio of hackers claimed to have come up with a tool that lets you get root access on the BlackBerry PlayBook. Now they have a video to back up those claims.

Carrying the wildly inappropriate name Dingleberry, the tool is said to be compatible with both v1.x and v2.x of the PlayBook OS. Either RIM didn’t close the exploit that the hackers use in the upcoming release of the platform or it’s a hardware exploit. Read more »

Sony Ericsson Xperia users in the UK get 50GB of free cloud storage from

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Now isn’t competition just the best thing ever? Just couple of weeks since the deal between HTC and Dropbox came into effect, now Sony Ericsson is pulling the same trick, but on a different scale.

The company has teamed up with cloud storage provider and as a result offers not 5GB, but 50GB of free cloud space for every Xperia phone owner. Read more »

Google I/O 2012 extended to three days, pushed back to June

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Google has just announced the dates for the next year I/O conference. The search giant’s largest developer-oriented event will be held from June 27 to June 29 in San Francisco. This is a departure from the norm – all previous I/O conferences took place in May.

To make up for that Google will add an extra day to the event. Many of the attendees last year complained that the two-day conference didn’t allow enough time to attend all the sessions and meet all the people they wanted, but that shouldn’t be an issue in 2012. Read more »

Acer makes a video for the upcoming Iconia Tab A200, shows it doing stuff that people actually do on a tablet

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Among all the non-sense product videos that come out these days, the new video for the upcoming Acer Iconia Tab A200 comes as a breath of fresh air.

Instead of shooting it through a cake, taking a dig at the competition or doing some other weird stuff, the video shows people doing things with the tablet that they usually do. Such as watching videos or images on the device or by connecting it to a display, reading ebooks, video calling, etc. Read more »

Samsung Captivate Glide takes the rounds of our battery test, here are the results [TEST]

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We have another Android device with a slide-out QWERTY complete our battery test. Unlike the Sony Ericsson Xperia Pro however, the Samsung Captivate Glide for AT&T packs an extra CPU core and an energy efficient, 4″ Super AMOLED screen.

The Captivate Glide is powered by the same 1650mAh battery as the Galaxy S II which we recently tested. With a screen from an older generation and a different CPU (the Captivate Glide packs an NVIDIA Tegra II), we were quite curious to put the droid through its paces. Read more »

Android Market website now supports devices with unofficial market app

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Google has brought a key update to the Android Market website, making it compatible with all devices that have the app installed. That means that from now on you can push apps to your Nook Color, Kindle Fire or whatever other smartphone and tablet with side-loaded Android Market you have.

The move falls nicely in line with the Android open nature and, in fact, one can’t help but wonder what took them so long. But anyway, the support is all there now and it looks like a win-win move for Google. Read more »

ICS update will hit the Xperia lineup in March 2012, Sony Ericsson confirms

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We already knew that all 2011 Xperia phones will be getting an Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update, but until today there was no time frame for its release. Now, Sony Ericsson Italy came forward and shed some light on the matter.

If you are an owner of some of the 11 Xperia phones eligible for an ICS update, you should be getting an update notification around March 2012. Read more »

Samsung Galaxy Nexus gets a volume bug fix, unofficially for now

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Now, that was quick. A cure for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus volume control issues was found just one week after we first heard of them. However, it’s a MoDaCo forum member, rather than Samsung we have to thank for it.

The fix is pretty easy to apply – if you want to try it, you should follow the source link for the quick tutorial and the necessary files. As usual with such 3rd-party fixes this is a proceed-at-your-own-risk kind of deal. Read more »

Samsung Galaxy S II and the original Galaxy S to get Gingerbread 2.3.6 update

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The Samsung Galaxy S II is getting updated to Android Gingerbread 2.3.6. Three UK have also confirmed 2.3.6 for the original Galaxy S but it won’t come before January.

We’ve received a report that the Galaxy S II has already received the 2.3.6 update via Kies software. The first reported country to receive the update is Mexico but users elsewhere around the globe should receive it soon I guess. Read more »

Samsung releases the S Pen SDK to mobile developers

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With the release of the Galaxy Note a month ago, Samsung has now put the S Pen software development kit for download to Android developers.

The SDK will help mobile app developers to include the functionality of the S Pen in their future or existing apps by allowing them to add canvases, popup windows and some other interesting additions. Read more »

The new Motorola DROID RAZR ad is waste of a good cake and an egg

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You may remember the DROID RAZR teaser ad that was released before the launch of the device where a bullet slices through a lot of things.

Well, apparently, it wasn’t cool enough for the people at Rogers who created one of their own. Except this time, they used the phone itself instead of a bullet. Read more »

Identity Crisis: Confused Nokia N9 can’t choose which OS to use, comes with 7 to cover all the bases [VIDEO]

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Proud owners of a new Nokia N9 are probably more than happy with its unique, quirky and individual OS MeeGo, but for some, that just isn’t enough.

Screen from the video demo of this confused device

This unusual looking lime green N9 has been demoed on video showcasing its ability to switch between not just one, but seven different mobile operating systems. Of course it’s not some special edition or in house unit leaked from the Finns but in fact a peculiar shanzhai/’Nok-off’ straight from the back streets of China. Read more »