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Sony Ericsson Xperia users in the UK get 50GB of free cloud storage from

Now isn’t competition just the best thing ever? Just couple of weeks since the deal between HTC and Dropbox came into effect, now Sony Ericsson is pulling the same trick, but on a different scale.

The company has teamed up with cloud storage provider and as a result offers not 5GB, but 50GB of free cloud space for every Xperia phone owner.

The steps you need to take in order to get your free storage are pretty much the same as those for Dropbox’s deal. You need to install’s Android application and sign up for an account, if you don’t have one yet.

According to the Sony Ericsson Xperia blog, the deal is active until December 31, 2012, but the year might as well be a typo, so hurry up before it’s not to late. This isn’t the first time has been so generous with their storage. Last month the company also gave away 50GB of lifetime free storage to all its users on the iOS platform.

Oh, and one more thing, before you, happy Xperia owners, get too excited. is not quite the same as Dropbox. Yes, it stores your selected files in the cloud, just like Dropbox does, but unlike it, doesn’t offer a desktop client free of charge. You’ve been warned.

Update: As Andrei pointed out in the comments, the deal between and Sony Ericsson looks to be just for Xperia owners based in the UK. As unfortunate as this may be, it’s still better than nothing.

Update 2 [30 November 2011]:After an official word from Sony Ericsson it looks like they’ve jumped the gun on the announcement of the deal. The reason why it’s not working and why you can’t yet get the 50GB free is because the deal itself is still not active. Don’t worry, the company is confirming that everything is legit, but we’d have to wait for a second announcement.

Thanks, Andrei

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