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Sony Ericsson LiveView gets a promo video that tries to excite you

I doubt you are unfamiliar with the Sony Ericsson LiveView device. After all, we’ve detailedly covered it several times and it’d be a crime to not have read about it.

Recently, a new promo video of the cutesy little device popped up and I thought it’d be a great idea to share it with you, because I think the idea behind the device is truly brilliant.

Here’s the promised video:

In general, the Sony Ericsson LiveView costs around €70 and is basically a watch that connects to your Sony Ericsson phone (or any Android handset for that matter) and displays various info. It can be simple things such as a display clock or missed phone calls to Facebook notifications, controlling the music player, getting fitter with a sports app, and so much more.

You can wear the LiveView as a watch or just keep it on your desk. Naturally, though, because of it’s uber portability, you’d want to wear it on yourself and that’s why it’s so exciting! Gadget fetishism is not good for my health, I know.


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