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Google Maps update brings more indoor locations and its own Maps Game

Google has just released an update to its Maps app for Android. The update brings more indoor floor plans and should prevent you from getting lost at CES or some of the other famous venues in Vegas.

The list of new places includes famous casinos and venues from the Las Vegas strip as well as Las Vegas McCarran International Airport. The most interesting addition, however, is the new Google Maps game for Google+.

Google hasn’t fully disclosed all the details of the game in question, it just released a teaser video, but by the looks of it, it’ll be quite interesting. Users are being tracked as they move using the floorplan data and collect points as they move.

Here’s the teaser video of the Maps game for Google+.

The other updates include improved battery consumption for Latitude users and Transit Navigation can now continue to work even if GPS signal is lost by using the vehicle’s speed to guesstimate your location. Another small but neat addition is the increased number of public transport route options when searching.

Intrigued? Head over to the Android Market to get the latest version of Google Maps.

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