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Dress up your iPhone 4S with a self-healing Scratch Shield case by Nissan

Yes, you read right. Nissan, the car maker corporation, has created a protection case for the iPhone 4S, called the Scratch Shield.

But, you see, Scratch Shield isn’t your ordinary protective case, because not only does it protect your iPhone from possible injuries — it also heals itself afterwards from any mild scratches.

The technology behind the case is used in Nissan and it’s sister luxury brand Inifiniti to protect the car’s paintjobs from scratches using a clever scratch-healing paint.

According to Nissan the most scratches should be fixed in a matter of a few hours, while severe scratches could take a week at most to resurrect to its original look.

The way Nissan’s Scratch Shield works is quite complex, but it boils down to using a polyrotaxane-based paint, layered on top of an ABS plastic shell. The end result is a tactile and grippy-feeling finish.

The special paint is already in use in some of the NTT DoCoMo’s phones in Japan, but Nissan expect a commercial launch of the Scratch Shield case later this year. Pricing is still anyones guess, but there’s no fooling anyone it won’t come cheap.

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