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Judge asks Samsung lawyers to tell the iPad and Galaxy Tab 10.1 apart, takes them a while

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Apple may have got an injunction against Samsung in Germany and Australia but they are still trying their best to win it in the US as well.

The court hearing took place on Thursday in California in front of US District Court Judge Lucy Koh, where a rather amusing incident happened. Read more »

Nokia’s camera expert comments on iPhone 4S camera, doesn’t have nice things to say

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Nokia has been at the top of the camera phone game for a while now. It started with the N95, then the N82, N86 8MP and now the N8. They had competition from Sony Ericsson initially but a few mediocre phones later Sony Ericsson was out of the game (although they seem to be coming back with the Xperia arc). Samsung gave a tough fight but Nokia still maintained its lead, mostly thanks to the N8, which remains unbeatable in still image capture. But now there is a new player in the camera phone game and it seems Nokia does not like that.

When Apple was announcing the iPhone 4S, Nokia’s camera expert Damian Dinnings was busy making comparisons between the iPhone 4S and the Nokia N9 camera on his Twitter account. He seems to think that based on the specs the N9 is simply better and that everything that Apple does is simply an extension of their Reality Distortion Field. Read more »

Apple wins injunction against Samsung yet again, this time in Australia

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Continuing their legal assault on Samsung, Apple recently decided to take the Korean giant to court in Australia, asking them to block the sales of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in the country. A while later, Samsung approached Apple to settle the debate outside the court, which Apple refused. Then yesterday, Samsung crashed Apple’s iPhone 4S launch part by giving away Galaxy S II smartphones for almost nothing for the first ten customers everyday till Friday right across the street from the Apple Store in Sydney, even nagging some of the people in line for the iPhone 4S.

But now Apple will be having the last laugh because the Australian court has granted Apple injunction against Samsung, blocking the sales of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in the country. Read more »

iCloud open to public, still cannot be accessed

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Apple has finally opened its iCloud service to the public. Till now it was only available to those who had a developer accounts but now anyone with an Apple ID can log in. Having said that the service is still not usable.

The reason for that is it requires iOS 5 on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and 10.7.2 update on the Mac before you can start using it and neither have been released yet. Read more »

Ovi Store gets renamed to Nokia store, built using Qt Quick

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Nokia announced back in May that they will be renaming their Ovi services such as the Ovi Store to Nokia Store. The process was supposed to happen later in 2012 and it finally has. The Ovi Store is now officially known as the Nokia Store.

But the name is not the only thing that’s changed. There is a whole new app for it as well. Read more »

Google Music 4 and Google+ app from Ice Cream Sandwich leaked

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Android Police has come across the Music Player and Google+ app from a build of Ice Cream Sandwich discovered by one of their readers, nicknamed Geek Vundotra, who also happens to be a Verizon employee.

Moving on to the actual apps, as you can see the Music app has received a facelift and looks a lot better. Read more »

Sprint announces plans to invest $10 billion in LTE network, set to launch in mid-2012

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Sprint has announced that they will soon be releasing their LTE network, which will eventually replace their existing networks in a span of the next two years, a move that comes as a result of their decision to simplify their existing networks. Sprint currently operates CDMA, iDEN and WiMAX networks in the US.

Sprint’s current 1900MHz and LightSquared’s 1600MHz spectrum will be converted to LTE. The first LTE enabled devices will be launched by mid-2012 and the full rollout of the network will be completed by 2013. Read more »

Motorola Xoom Family Edition spotted at retail store, comes with a special Kid Mode

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Tablet’s aren’t just used by adults anymore and if the growing number of educational apps for the iPad and the number of videos on YouTube showing kids using them are any indications, kids are now a pretty large user-base for tablets. This is where the Motorola Xoom Family Edition comes in.

Although Motorola did not officially announce this variant of the Xoom, someone spotted the device at a retail store. Read more »

Reactions from public figures on Steve Jobs’ death [Update: Added Steve Wozniak's video interview]

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“The world rarely sees someone who has had the profound impact Steve has had, the effects of which will be felt for many generations to come. For those of us lucky enough to get to work with him, it’s been an insanely great honor. I will miss Steve immensely.” - Bill Gates

“Steve, thank you for being a mentor and a friend. Thanks for showing that what you build can change the world. I will miss you.” - Mark Zuckerberg Read more »

Apple introduces Find My Friends, let’s you locate and share your location with others

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One of the more interesting things announced at the ‘Let’s Talk iPhone’ event yesterday was Find My Friends for iOS devices. It’s basically an optional location tracking service that you can use on your iOS device.

What ‘Find My Friend’ does is let’s you share your location with your friends. People will ask you for your location and you can share it with them, provided you trust them enough. Read more »

Microsoft puts an end to Zune hardware, now only available as a software and service for Windows devices

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Microsoft launched the first Zune player back in 2006 as a competitor to Apple’s wildly popular iPod. Unfortunately for Microsoft, the Zune was never the success it may have hoped for and although it managed to amble along for five years, reinventing itself several times along the way, everyone knew it won’t be around for much longer.

Yesterday, Microsoft announced that they will no longer be producing the Zune players. From here onward, it will only exist in the form of a software and service for Microsoft’s desktop and mobile offerings. Read more »

Xbox 360 Metro-fied Dashboard gets leaked on video, coming to your console this fall

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We have seen screenshots of the redesigned Xbox 360 dashboard before that uses the slick new Metro UI but now a video has leaked that gives us a nice little tour of the interface and all the various menu options that we can expect to see when the update is released this fall.

The video is low resolution and a bit blurry. Moreover there is no audio and the text is all in French so it’s basically like watching a French movie with no audio and subtitles. Read more »

Best Buy drops HTC Flyer (Wi-Fi only) price to $299, we sense a tablet price war approaching

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It seems Amazon may have started a tablet price war with its $199 Kindle Fire (or was it HP?). Either that or Best Buy suddenly realized that the HTC Flyer was way too expensive, because they have announced a $200 price cut on HTC’s premier tablet (for the Wi-Fi only version).

This brings the price of the 7-inch tablet down from the lofty $499 to a more palatable $299. For that price you are getting what is arguably one of the best 7-inch tablets around. Read more »

Disney announces two new Android smartphones. Wait, what?

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When they are not making cartoons and selling merchandise based on them they also sell mobile phones to girls who watch their cartoons and buy merchandise based on them. So far all they had were these typical pink and fuchsia colored flip phones but now they are trying to get serious so they launched a couple of new Android smartphones, nevermind the fact that Steve Jobs is on Disney’s board of directors.

The two phones include the DM011SH and DM010SH (you’d think Disney could have come up with better names). Both phones have been manufactured by Sharp for Disney. The more expensive of the two, the DM010SH has a 4.0-inch 3D display with a qHD resolution, 1GHz processor and 8 megapixel camera, not bad for a phone with Mickey Mouse head for a home button. Read more »

Samsung announces Galaxy Tab 8.9, Galaxy Player 5.0 and 4.0

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Alright, so the Galaxy Tab 8.9 is not really new as it was announced back in March along with the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and we have even done a hands-on with it. But up until now the availability of the tablet was unknown. Samsung has finally come clean with it though, as you will now be able to get your hands on the Galaxy Tab 8.9 starting October 2, and it is available for pre-order right now.

It will be available in two models, 16GB and 32GB, with the former priced at $469 and the latter being $569. It’s not a lot cheaper than the bigger 10.1 model, which costs just $30 more in either memory capacity and seems better value in comparison. Read more »