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Nokia’s camera expert comments on iPhone 4S camera, doesn’t have nice things to say

Nokia has been at the top of the camera phone game for a while now. It started with the N95, then the N82, N86 8MP and now the N8. They had competition from Sony Ericsson initially but a few mediocre phones later Sony Ericsson was out of the game (although they seem to be coming back with the Xperia arc). Samsung gave a tough fight but Nokia still maintained its lead, mostly thanks to the N8, which remains unbeatable in still image capture. But now there is a new player in the camera phone game and it seems Nokia does not like that.

When Apple was announcing the iPhone 4S, Nokia’s camera expert Damian Dinnings was busy making comparisons between the iPhone 4S and the Nokia N9 camera on his Twitter account. He seems to think that based on the specs the N9 is simply better and that everything that Apple does is simply an extension of their Reality Distortion Field.

Now I understand that Damian works for a competing brand and what he says on Twitter is his business and that Apple often blows things out of proportion in their keynotes but it still seems silly to me to make comparisons based on just numbers without actually using the iPhone 4S. Being a camera expert, Damian should know that numbers aren’t everything in the world of photography. In the end what matters is the actual image quality and from whatever little I’ve seen the iPhone 4S images are just as good as the N9 images, if not better, although which one is better can only be settled by a proper comparison test.

One thing I’m curious about though is why Damian did not compare the camera speed of the N9 to the iPhone 4S. Nokia was calling N9 the fastest image capturing phone yet but there was no rebuttal to Apple’s claim of iPhone 4S being the fastest. I wonder why.



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