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Sprint announces plans to invest $10 billion in LTE network, set to launch in mid-2012

Sprint has announced that they will soon be releasing their LTE network, which will eventually replace their existing networks in a span of the next two years, a move that comes as a result of their decision to simplify their existing networks. Sprint currently operates CDMA, iDEN and WiMAX networks in the US.

Sprint’s current 1900MHz and LightSquared’s 1600MHz spectrum will be converted to LTE. The first LTE enabled devices will be launched by mid-2012 and the full rollout of the network will be completed by 2013.

Existing CDMA users will operate on the 800MHz frequency, which will be tweaked to offer better signal support and improved voice services. Eventually this spectrum will be phased out by 2013 and LTE will become the standard. The current WiMAX users will get continued support till the end of 2012 but eventually it too will be phased out.

Sprint is also promising a steep reduction in roaming costs and deeper signal penetration. By the end of 2012, Sprint aims to cover 176 million users under its LTE/WiMAX network and by end of 2012 they aim to have 250 million users under their LTE network coverage.



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