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Firefox 6, yes 6, available for download ahead of scheduled launch date

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Another month, another version of Firefox. I guess we better get used to this new faster release cycle that Mozilla has adopted for Firefox. Version 6 of the second most popular desktop browser in the world has just been made available for download on Mozilla’s FTP servers ahead of its scheduled launch three days from now.

Visible changes in the newer version are minimal, with the only one being reported for now as the domain name getting highlighted in the address bar. We wonder as to whether such minor changes really warrant a change in the version number but again that’s for Mozilla to decide. Read more »

Dell kills the Streak 5, delivers a brief eulogy

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The device that was too big for a phone and too small to be a tablet has finally been put to rest. Dell’s website informs anyone still interested in the now deceased Streak 5 about its departure.

Unfortunately, I can’t find myself to agree with the “It’s been a great ride” part about the message on the website and Dell has itself to blame. Right from the confused form-factor to the outdated software and the high price, the Streak 5 was a recipe for disaster and Dell could have surely done better. Read more »

Skype for Mac updated, adds support for Lion and HD video calling

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After launching an iPad version of their app and updating the Android version to support more devices in the last few days, Skype has now turned its attention to their Mac application, which has just been bumped to version 5.3.

The two major changes in this new version include support for OS X Lion as well as HD video calling. Read more »

Apple launches $999 iMac, you probably can’t have one

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Apple has launched a new $999 iMac, which is now their cheapest iMac. But unlike the other iMacs, you can’t just go to a store and buy one. This one is limited to educational institutions only, so unless your school or college is spending money on these for your computer lab, you probably won’t get to use one.

This model differs slightly from the base $1,199 iMac. The $999 iMac has a slower 3.1GHz dual-core Intel Core i3 processor instead of the faster quad-core Core i5 on the more expensive model. Read more »

HTC Puccini screenshots leak, shows custom UI and dedicated number pad

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The mythical beast known as the HTC Puccini is getting more and more real as days pass by and today we came across some leaked screenshots that almost made us feel we had the device in our hands, sort of. The Puccini will be launching on the AT&T 4G network and is supposed to have a dual-core 1.5GHz processor and dual cameras.

The screenshots show the application launcher, where you can see HTC has added custom tabs at the bottom of the screen as seen in the Sense UI on their Android phones. These let you switch from all apps, frequently used ones and downloaded apps. You can also see the bottom bar has been slightly modified with custom icons and an icon for the stylus. Read more »

Apple Stores even allow you to bring in a goat, among other things

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Apple Store employees are some of the nicest people you will find in any store around the world and are far more tolerant of erratic behavior than others, proof of that being people bringing in pets and dancing in front of the camera right inside the store without being thrown out.

But there has to be some limit to their tolerance and so to test this limit American comedian and writer Mark Malkoff decided to do some stunts in the Manhattan Apple Store. These involve ordering a pizza, having a romantic date, dressing as Darth Vader and even bringing a goat inside the store. You can find out how all that went yourself by checking out the video below. Read more »

Speed Dots makes life of the visually impaired easy, lets them operate their iPhone like a boss

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Speed Dots is a California-based company that makes a special kind of screen protector for iPhones and iPod touches. These screen protectors have dots placed at strategic locations that helps visually impaired users operate these devices with ease.

These screen protectors work with the Voiceover feature in iOS devices that reads out functions on the screen to help visually impaired users but thanks to the dots, it makes locating a particular area on the screen much easier. Read more »

Apple releases Find My Mac for developers with iCloud beta access

by 8 comments

Find My iPhone, that convenient service from Apple that you wish you would never have to use, has found its way to the Mac. Aptly renamed to Find My Mac, this new service does what it did on the iPhone, it helps you track down your Mac in case you have lost it.

The service is currently available only to developers who have access to the iCloud service. Along with being able to locate your Mac, Find My Mac can also play a sound, send a message, remotely lock it and even wipe the hard drive clean to prevent unauthorized access. Read more »

Angry Birds for Windows Phone 7 updated, gets additional levels and a new look

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When Rovio released Angry Birds for Windows Phone 7, it was curiously the older version of the application that was available on iOS a long time back. It had the older start screen and fewer levels. But the application has now been updated to v1.1, which takes the number of levels from 135 to 225. Unfortunately, it is still short of the 270 levels available for iOS and Android. Hopefully the additional levels will be added soon.

Unfortunately, at $2.99, the game is still inexplicably expensive (as are a lot of Windows Phone 7 apps) compared to the iOS version, which costs $0.99. Read more »

Razer announces Electra gaming headset for smartphones, adds more thump to your Angry Birds sessions

by 26 comments

Got fed up with the headset that came bundled with your phone? Razer has now launched a new pair of headphones targeted specifically at mobile phone gamers. The Razer Electra boasts of a powerful bass response that will bring your mobile games to life.

It comes with dual detachable audio cables, one of which has a built-in microphone that works with iPhone, HTC and BlackBerry devices. Read more »

This iPad is made from 24k gold, diamonds, Ammolite and a T. rex bone, has more zeroes in price tag than what can fit here

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A normal iPad 2 has an anodized aluminum back with scratch resistant glass on the front. This iPad, however, has a back forged from 24 karat solid gold weighing 2000g. And the Apple logo on the back is studded with 53 12.5 karat flawless diamonds.

But it doesn’t end there. The frame around the display is made from Ammolite, an extremely rare and valuable gemstone, said to be 75 million years old. If that’s not special enough for you, the Ammolite frame even has shavings of a 65 million year-old Tyrannosaurus Rex’s thigh bone. And lastly Read more »

Sony refreshes its Walkman range with four new models, fails to get anyone excited

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Dedicated music players these days are an endangered species, slowly fading away into irrelevance due to the popularity of mobile phones with high quality sound but Sony is not ready to give up yet and to prove that has refreshed their Walkman range of music players with new models.

The NWZ-A860 is the only one with the touchscreen in the bunch. Along with that 2.8-inch, 400 x 240 touchscreen display, you also get Sony’s Clear Audio thingummies, Bluetooth for streaming audio as well as transferring photos to and from another Bluetooth enabled device and 8 and 16GB of internal storage space. The two variants are priced at $179 and $219 respectively. Read more »

Olympus reveals PEN E-PL3 pricing and availability, launches SP-810UZ

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Last month we wrote about three new Olympus cameras, the PEN EP-3, E-PL3 and E-PM1. Out of these, only the price for the E-P3 was revealed back then.

Now Olympus has decided they should let us know about the price of one more of the three cameras. So here it is. The Olympus PEN E-PL3 will cost you $699.99 and will come with a 14-42mm zoom lens or 17mm prime lens. It will be sold in three colors; black, white and red and will start shipping in September. Read more »

New Android Market app starts rolling out, here’s a quick review

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Google announced the updated version of the Android Market app a while back but there was one small problem, the update wasn’t available for download then. But now we are hearing Google has finally started rolling out the update to device with Android 2.2 and higher. And we couldn’t help ourselves and we went to see what it’s all about.

The version number for this latest update is 3.0.27 (the one that leaked before was 3.0.26). Apparently, if you were running the previously leaked version you will automatically be updated to the new version.

Personally, I didn’t receive the update automatically (and I have a Nexus S, for crying out loud) so I got impatient and sideloaded it. I have been using it for some time now and here are my quick impressions of it. Read more »

BlackBerry to announce something new tomorrow, piques our interest on Facebook

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Hey Team BlackBerry, what’s shiny, new and social all over? We want to tell you all about it. Can you guess what it might be?

That’s the message that BlackBerry posted on Facebook today. With every other company hopping on to the social networking bandwagon, it seems BlackBerry felt left out, so to make up for that they are coming up with a new offering that is going to be ‘social all over’.

Perhaps they are going to make a phone plastered with buttons of all the social networking services. As it is there are enough number of them out there to cover any phone from top to bottom. Read more »