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i3D app demonstrates glasses-free 3D on your iPhone 4, iPad 2

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The iPhone 4 and iPad 2 may not have a fancy 3D display but that does not mean you won’t be able to view 3D content on them and prove that Jeremie Francone and Laurence Nigay from the Laboratory of Informatics of Grenoble at the EHCI Research Group have come up with a brilliant new app called i3D.

We’d already told you an app like this was in the works and now it’s finally available. It uses the front facing camera on the iPhone 4 and iPad 2 to track the head movements and the angle from the screen of the user and then adjusts the objects on the screen accordingly in real-time, so that it gives a sense of depth to them. And the best part about this is that it does not require 3D glasses at all. Read more »

Xperia Arc films the Grímsvötn volcano eruption in Iceland, lives to tell the story [VIDEO]

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One of our readers sent us this video that he shot of the eruption of the Grímsvötn volcano, situated under a glacial lake of the same name in Iceland. The volcano erupted on 21st of May and managed to release more ash in 48 hours than Eyjafjallajökull did during its entire eruption last year, which has earned it 4 (VEI4) rating on the Volcanic Explosivity Index. The volcano is currently busy disrupting air travel in Iceland, Greenland, Scotland and Norway.

The video was shot using Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc in 720p by Thor E. Bachmann. It was taken a mere 1km away Read more »

Angry Birds launch speed math may surprise you

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As a regular Angry Birds player, the question that comes to my mind repeatedly is “What on Earth is the purpose of the green and white birds?!”. However, Rhett Allain of has completely different things on his mind. Instead of pondering on something along this line, he has decided to find out whether the launch speed of the birds in the game is constant or on the contrary, it depends on the angle you shoot the bird. You see, in real life, the bird would fly faster if you shoot it straight on rather than up in the sky.

And so he set out to find the answer, with graphs and calculations and other horrifying stuff they use to torture kids in school. Read more »

Dell launches XPS 15z, touted as the thinnest 15-inch laptop on the planet

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Dell has launched the spiritual successor to the now defunct Adamo series. The new XPS 15z is claimed to be the thinnest 15-inch laptop on the planet and packs in some serious hardware for the price.

For starters, the body of the XPS 15z is made entirely out of anodized aluminum and magnesium alloy. The thickness is just .97-inch and it weighs in at 5.54 pounds. Now here’s the funny part. Read more »

Sony’s PSP Remaster title series will bring select PSP games to your PS3

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The PlayStation Portable, otherwise known by us lazy people as the PSP, may very well be outdated now, but it still has some of the best games out there that you wouldn’t mind playing again if only they didn’t have graphics that belong to 2005. If that’s the case then consider yourself lucky because Sony has got something called PlayStation Portable Remaster that will bring select PSP games to your PS3, that too in high definition, which is the right kind of definition as far as games (or anything, for that matter) goes.

So it works like this. Sony will select certain games of their choice and then give them the full royal treatment, which involves updated graphics, extra content, support for the Sixaxis controller and in some cases, even stereoscopic 3D support. The games will then be distributed on Blu-ray. Read more »

Lady Gaga uses Google Chrome, makes us question our choice of browser

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WARNING: The following video contains Lady Gaga. Now that we got that out of the way, here’s what it’s all about.

The video is made by Google for its Chrome browser and shows Lady Gaga communicating with her fans Read more »

HP plans to become better than number one in tablet space, invents a new number in process

by 326 comments

We get it HP, you have an awesome new tablet at your hands and you think it is going to do really well. But there is no need to go ahead and invent new numbers to describe its future position in the market.

So stoked is HP’s Eric Cador about the upcoming HP TouchPad that in a recent press conference held in Cannes Read more »

iPhone 4 to possibly get a 64GB version, iPod touch caught saying it had it in it all along

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Remember those photos and videos of the 64GB iPhone 4 we saw a while back? Well, it seems that the device could be close to launch.

The info comes from a memo received by the guys at This is my next Read more »

“Apple Store” app for iOS to get an update, will add full hardware customization for Macs

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Remember the Apple Store app that was released last year that allowed you to buy Apple products from your iOS device? Considering the limited functionality it offered, you probably don’t. But according to information received by MacRumors, this modest little application is soon going to receive a major update, which will make it a lot more usable.

The biggest change that we know about as of now is going to be the ability to customize the hardware of the Macs before you purchase them. Read more »

Now you can use PayPal to make payments on Xbox Live, make fun of PSN users

by 279 comments

Now you have the option to make your payments on Xbox Live by using your PayPal account. Along with adding a great dose of convenience, this new feature will also add an extra layer of security to your transactions.

Speaking of security, we have all seen what has happened to Sony’s PlayStation Network Read more »

Mozilla launches Firefox 5 Beta, makes your Firefox 4 already seem outdated

by 342 comments

You’d think after a major launch such as the Firefox 4, the guys at Mozilla must be taking a break, but you’d be wrong. Mozilla recently introduced the Forefox Aurora development channel to support more frequent updates and today they released a spanking new beta of the upcoming Firefox 5.

The first beta comes to you after a mere five weeks of testing on the Firefox Aurrora channel. Read more »

Nokia takes us down memory lane, makes us all misty-eyed

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Ah, those were the days! When your phone weighed as much as your arm and cost as much as a body part. A time when if something went wrong, you’d probably have to sell your house to pay the mobile phone bill. A time when there weren’t many phones to choose from but most of them came from one manufacturer. One manufacturer that dominated the mobile phone scene like no other. That manufacturer was Nokia.

Nokia put up a post on their Conversations blog recently where they posted pictures of some of their older models, which had me reminiscing. Read more »

Samsung launches the Galaxy Tab 10.1, 8.9 and Galaxy S II in Russia, surprises us with cool accessories

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Samsung held a press event in Russia recently where they announced a trio of their latest and greatest mobile computing devices: the Galaxy Tab 10.1, 8.9 and the Galaxy S II. The Galaxy Tab 10.1 is similar to the Special Edition we saw a few days back, the only difference being this one isn’t special and by special we mean it doesn’t have a gang of robots printed on its back.

The 8.9 is similar to the 10.1 but as you can guess it has a smaller 8.9-inch display. What captured our attention was a keyboard dock for the 8.9 that was showcased for the first time. Read more »

HP TouchPad to be priced $599 at Walmart, accessories to burn further holes in your wallet

by 1,016 comments

HP’s upcoming WebOS tablet is still some way from gracing the shelves of your favorite electronics stores but we got a whiff of the kind of price it will be selling for. The guys over at have uncovered the Walmart price of the TouchPad and it is going to be $599 for the 32GB Wi-Fi-only model, same as the similarly specced Apple iPad 2.

If you remember, HP also showcased three accessories for the TouchPad and we have the prices for them as well. Read more »

Take Android Dolphin Browser HD v5.0 Beta for a test drive right now

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The next version of the popular web browser for Android was so far available for to a select lucky individuals for testing. But not any more, the v5.0 Beta1 has now become publicly available for everyone to download and try it out for themselves.

The latest version of the Dolphin Browser HD has some useful new additions to its extensive features list. Here’s the list of all the new changes that you can expect from the updated version.
Read more »