Posted in: loads faster now, thanks to our new deal with MaxCDN

At we’re always looking for a way to improve the browsing experience for our users. The latest change is behind the scenes, so you’re not going to see it, but you’ll feel it – we’ve started using a CDN, which tangibly reduces page load times.

The Content Delivery Network or CDN, as it’s more commonly known, is a network of servers around the world, which serve static data (images, CSS, static html and scripts) to your browser and is a great way to improve page load times for websites with visitors from all over the world.

This way, regardless of where you are in the world in relation to our central hosting servers, your browser will always fetch the web pages and images from a CDN server that’s close to you, speeding up page load times as data doesn’t have to traverse half a world of Internet infrastructure any more.

This change should have the biggest impact on page load times for our readers in Europe, but readers in Asia, Australia and Africa should also feel a bump up in speed when browsing Load times should improve for our US-based readers too, but since the site loaded pretty fast from there already, you might need a stopwatch to notice the difference.

Thanks to MaxCDN, who made us an offer we could not refuse.


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