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Samsung trademarks Eye Scroll and Eye Pause, are they Smart Stay 2.0?

Samsung has been quite busy with maximizing the usefulness of the front-facing camera of its smartphones. So far it has Smart Stay, Smart rotate and face unlock with slightly better security. A couple of trademark filings reveal that two more features might be no the way – Eye Scroll and Eye Pause.

The filings are just to trademark the name and don’t include any info on what the two features are yet (at least no info has been made public yet). Still, it’s easy to imagine what they might do.

Smart Stay prevents the screen of the phone from locking if it can see your face, that is if you’re still looking at the screen. Eye Pause might work in a similar way, pausing video when you look away.

Eye scroll sounds like something that would automatically scroll down a web page, message, document or any other long text when you reach the bottom of the screen. Unlike the first feature, this will require some pretty accurate eye tracking.

The Samsung Galaxy S IV is a few months away and is the obvious vehicle to launch this new feature (Smart Stay debuted with the Galaxy S III). Then again, these two trademarks might have been filed “just in case” and not actually make it into actual products.

Source (search for trademark No 011510682 and 011503794) | Via (in Dutch)


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