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Wireless charging orb for Nexus 4 goes on pre-order in Norway

Remember the Charging orb accessory for the Nexus 4, which was supposed to let you charge your Google phone in wireless style? It was announced and then it all but disappeared. It might finally make it to market though – Norwegian site has it on pre-order.

It’s listed as “LG Wireless Charging Pad” but the image shows the Nexus logo. The estimated delivery date of the orb is set for February 12 and the price is NOK739 (including VAT) plus NOK 99 for shipping ($133 + $18, €100 + €13).

The Google Nexus 4 uses the Qi wireless charging standard and any compatible charger will work and those can be found cheaply on various retailers. They don’t bear the Nexus logo though.

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