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iPhone-controlled Parrot AR.Drone poses for our camera at the MWC, impresses

You remember the Parrot AR.Drone, right? The ultra cool four-rotor helicopter (or quadricopter, as they call it) is certainly among the best “accessories” you can get for your iPhone or iPod touch.

Parrot AR.Drone

An AR.Drone prototype was at the Parrot booth at the MWC but they never really bothered showing it to anyone. Obviously the company doesn’t want too much noise around their product at this early stage. I am guessing they are yet unsure when they will be able to complete the project so they prefer to keep it hush until its ready.

Parrot AR.DroneParrot AR.DroneParrot AR.DroneParrot AR.Drone
Parrot AR.Drone

In reality the product looks as cool as in those demo videos. The bad news is that Parrot imposed a few new restrictions over it. It will only work with direct Wi-Fi connection between the quadricopter and your iPhone, so no routers involved. You get an operating range out in the open of up to 50 meters horizontally and 3 meters vertically, which isn’t too bad but is worse than what we hoped for.

So far there’s no promised released date or pricing but I’m pretty sure one of those babies will end up at our office sooner rather than later.


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