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Microsoft Outlook 2010 gets social networking, how about a boss key?

Microsoft Outlook is a popular email client a lot of people use at work. How to make it better? Add social networking, of course! But wait, won’t your boss be pissed with you tweeting instead of, you know… doin’ da job?

In a strange, “me too” kind of move, Microsoft decided they’ll add social networking to Microsoft Outlook very soon after Google launched Buzz – the social networking tool built into Gmail. Not to be outdone, Microsoft are hard at work to put Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and LinkedIn integration into their once business-minded email client.

Okay, it may not be that bad – they just announced the public beta of LinkedIn for Outlook and it’s a “business-oriented social networking site” (says Wikipedia). LinkedIn tries to connect you to people and businesses but only through existing connections, that is through existing contacts you trust. Support for the other social networks is coming soon.

Come to think of it, just about every company nowadays has a Twitter or a Facebook account (we do – here’s the GSMArena Facebook page and you can follow us on Twitter here), so there might be a use for that too.

But not everyone would want to use it – the Internet can tell quite a few stories of people who did stuff on Facebook and got canned after.



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