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Sigh, LG not interested in making their own smartphone OS!

Reportedly, somebody asked an LG representative whether LG will be working on a proprietary smartphone OS. The answer was no. And good for them, since the mobile market is already overcrowded with those. I really don’t know how developers manage to keep track of all those SDK tools spawning around.

During the MWC 2010, the head of LG’s handset division announced that LG has no strategy plans for developing and releasing their own smartphone OS in the next three years. They are pleased with Android and Windows Phone OS and will put all efforts building phones for those two OS’s.

Well, I’m not sure how successful Samsung’s Bada OS will turn out, despite the fact I like it very much, but I’m surely happy that LG won’t throw another mobile OS in the fray. Windows Phone, Android, iPhone OS, Symbian, Bada, Brew Mobile, LiMo, Maemo, MeeGo and ELSE are surely more than enough on the smartphone stage and most of them have a certain lack of developers.

So we can expect the LG’s further announcements to involve mostly Windows Phone and Android, while their feature phones will rely on the already proven S-Class UI.



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