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Google adds 5 more languages to Translate, reaches the 70 mark

In an important update to the Translate service today, Google has reached the 70 language milestone by adding 5 more: Bosnian, Cebuano, Hmong, Javanese, Marathi.

Google estimates that more than 183 million people around the world speak the five languages combined, so the update is actually quite important. Except from Bosnian, the rest of the languages are in alpha stage of their existence, which means that their quality isn’t perfect, but Google promises they’ll be improved as time goes by.

The new languages are accessible from pretty much everywhere – Translate website, Apple and iOS apps as well as in Chrome and Gmail. If you’re speaking one of the new languages added to Google Translate today, the search giant salutes you with the following messages.

Bosnian: Google Prevodilac sada podržava više od 70 jezika!
Cebuano: Google sa Translate misuporta na karon sa kapin sa 70 ka mga!
Hmong: Google Translate nim no txhawb nqa tshaj li 70 hom lus!
Javanese: Google Translate saiki ndhukung luwih saka 70 basa!
Marathi: Google भाषांतर आता 70 पेक्षा जास्त भाषांचे समर्थन करते!

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