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Samsung’s SideSync melds a Windows computer and an Android phone into one

You have to hand it to Samsung – it really, really cares about features. The Samsung Galaxy S4 for one is the most feature-rich phone ever and Samsung just keeps coming up with new features. SideSync allows a computer and a smartphone to work as one.

When you hookup a Galaxy phone to a computer running SideSync, files on the phone will be backed up and then the magic starts to happen.

The app essentially turns the phone into a second screen – you can move the mouse between the two screens (that is the computer and the phone screen), use the keyboard to type on the phone and even copy/paste between the two devices seamlessly. Drag and drop for files works too.

You can go the other way around too – view the phone screen as a window on the computer screen so you can interact with the phone without having to touch it.

Here’s a video that explains how SideSync works:

We’ve seen attempts to extend an Android phone to the desktop – hooking up an external monitor, a keyboard and a mouse and using it as a computer. SideSync is similar but has several advantages – you can use both Windows and Android apps and you get a second screen (a 5″ screen for messaging sounds pretty good).

To use SideSync you’ll need any Windows PC running the app and a Samsung Android phone. ATIV laptops will come with SideSync preinstalled.

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