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BitTorrent Sync joins the cloud storage race, hopes to use the BitTorrent network to beat Dropbox

Creators of the BitTorrent open source protocol have launched their own cloud storage service called BitTorrent Sync and it is rather unsurprisingly, based on the same protocol.

The service comes with its own application allowing users to store and sync folders to multiple devices. Interestingly, the service offers unlimited amount of storage making it a match made in heaven for large teams who collaborate on large files.

It works just as any cloud storage solution out there with the little detail that BitTorrent Sync omits the server part. This means that you’re essentially creating your own “cloud” between you and parties you choose using the help of the little app.

The advantage this gives you is that no third-party has access to your files and there aren’t any messed up privacy policies involved.

Currently, BitTorrent Sync is in pre-alpha development stage with the company gradually inviting users to give its latest service a test run. The app is available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X and you can apply for an invite from the source link below.

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