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Modern personal SatNav solutions could be much better [EDITORIAL]

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Imagine yourself walking into a McDonald’s and ordering a burger. The person, taking your order, would probably ask you whether you’d like fries or a drink with that. Predicting your client’s needs is one of the mainstays of great customer service. SatNav manufacturers can learn from this little gesture and perhaps, give it a nice thought to how it may relate to their business.

The past month or so I’ve traveled thousands of kilometers across Western Europe in various directions as part of my plan to get to know the place better. I’m still nowhere close to finishing my optimistic travel agenda, but as I go, I’m getting increasingly frustrated with SatNav devices and their unimaginative interfaces and designs. They are nowhere nearly as versatile as they are supposed to. And today’s tech has the means to enable much better functionality with just a bit more of creative thinking. Read more »

Microsoft’s Kinectimals video game is now available for Android

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To be honest with you, I did expect a more epic title for the first game available for Android from Microsoft Studios. A fact is a fact though – the software giant’s own Kinectmals will be the title to mark this historical event.

The popular title enters the Android realm roughly six months after it became available for iOS. Read more »

Batman “The Dark Knight Rises” will hit Android and iOS this summer, trailer inside

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With the upcoming movie “The Dark Knight Rises” being one of the most anticipated flicks this summer, it is no surprise that a mobile video game will be a part of the whole frenzy. Gameloft’s creation, bearing the same title as the movie will hit iOS and Android devices around the time when the movie makes it to the theaters.

The storyline of the upcoming mobile game is yet to be known , and so is its pricing. Read more »

Lava XOLO X900 Preview

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It’s not always we get to use a smartphone that has an Intel processor inside so when we got the opportunity, we jumped on it. For those who are not aware, the Lava XOLO X900 is the first phone in the world to use an Intel processor and its x86 architecture, and is on sale right now in India. Meanwhile, another version of this phone called the Orange San Diego is now making its way to shops in Europe and this is just the beginning as you’ll be seeing a lot more devices running an Intel processor by the end of this year.

But all that for later. For now, catch us after the break for a quick preview of the world’s first smartphone with Intel inside. Read more »

Dropbox updates iOS app, brings automatic video and photo uploads and up to 3GB free

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Dropbox has launched an update to its iOS application and now supports automatic video and photo uploads.

Just like the company did when they first introduced the feature on Android, to motivate users to use the new service, Dropbox will match every uploaded megabyte with a megabyte of free cloud storage up to a total 3GB (in increments of 500MB). Read more »

Microsoft to hold an event on Monday, June 18 to presumably talk about Windows RT devices

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Microsoft has sent out invites to the press for an event that they are holding in Los Angeles on Monday, June 18, just a couple of days before the Windows Phone Summit. Although the subject of the event has not been officially announced, AllThingsD believes that it will be about Windows RT.

According to sources outside the company, AllThingsD found out Microsoft will be showcasing some of the devices that will be running Windows RT, presumably devices that were announced at Computex last week, and also talk about some of the programs and services that will run on these devices. Read more »

Acer launches new Iconia Tab A700 with FullHD display

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Acer has now officially released the Iconia Tab A700 tablet that we first saw at CES back in January. The main feature of this tablet is that it’s the first Android tablet to have a 10.1-inch, FullHD 1920 x 1200 resolution display.

The A700 is powered by the NVIDIA Tegra 3 with 4-PLUS-1 cores and runs Android 4.0. It also features Dolby Mobile 3 that provides 5.1 channel Dolby Surround Sound via HDMI to a home entertainment system. Read more »

Disney launches Temple Run: Brave for iOS and Android

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You may have heard about Disney/Pixar’s upcoming animation film Brave. You may have also heard about the hit mobile game Temple Run. Now the two have joined forces to bring you a new game for iOS and Android called Temple Run: Brave.

Temple Run: Brave features the main character from the movie Merida who is running away from the demon bear Mordu. The basic gameplay mechanic here is the same as on the standard Temple Run. Your character automatically keeps running and you have to turn, jump and slide to avoid obstacles and falling from your path. You collect coins that help you to purchase power-ups from the game’s menu and you can purchase more coins using in-app purchase. Read more »

Angry Birds Seasons gets an update, takes the action under water

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The Summer season has befallen most of the Northern hemisphere so, naturally, the folks at Rovio have prepared a fresh update to the popular Angry Birds Seasons. The latest one is even more notable than the usual as, along with the usual number of new levels, it brings new physics to the gameplay of the series.

The new levels in the update take place in the imaginary water kingdom of Piglantis. Read more »

Rockstar finally launches Max Payne for Android, prices it at $2.99

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Apple iOS users got it early, but there was a considerable delay before Rockstar Games finally launched its highly anticipated Max Payne game on Android.

The mobile port of the popular PC game from 2001 comes in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian and Japanese and takes the impressive 1.33GB to install. Read more »

Google launches Chrome for Windows 8 sans the Metro design

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Google has released Chrome for Windows 8, just as it promised, but surprisingly it’s not rocking a Metro-style looking UI.

To run it, you have to be running the Windows 8 Release Preview and set the default browser to Google Chrome after the installation. Read more »

ARM readying Mali-450 GPU for 2013′s mid-range smartphones

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ARM is best known for designing mobile CPUs, but they make GPUs as well – their Mali-400 GPU has powered many popular high-end smartphones, but next year we’ll be seeing its successor inside low and mid-range phones.

The new Mali-450 GPU has received some performance tweaks but changes to the architecture also allow more cores to be used. Read more »

Opera 12 released with customizable themes

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Opera released the latest version of its desktop browser, Opera 12, which brings support for themes. Setting a new theme for your Opera browser will add a new background image on the speed dial and new tab page and would also change the colors the tab bar and the browser chrome.

It’s not a terribly unique feature, with both Firefox and Chrome being able to do this for a long time now but it’s good to see it arrive on Opera as well and the implementation is actually pretty good. The few themes available on Opera’s site also look pretty good. Read more »

iFixit tears down the new MacBook Pro with Retina display and the MacBook Air

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One of the things we wait for when a new product is launched, apart from getting our hands on it, is watching iFixit tear them apart and expose their innards. Naturally, the new MacBooks announced at WWDC weren’t going to be treated differently, so now we have the full iFixit teardown of both the new MacBook Pro with Retina display and the MacBook Air.

Lets’s start with the MacBook Pro, which got the lowest score a product can get when it comes to repairability. The reason for this is because a lot of the internal parts are custom designed as well as attached to the motherboard. Read more »

Nokia 808 PureView snaps its way into the office, we get shutter-happy

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It’s been a hard wait since February when the Nokia 808 PureView was announced at the MWC, but now the monster cameraphone that grabbed everyone’s attention has finally arrived in our office.

Yes, the 41MP sensor-touting behemoth is here and it’s ready to blow your mind away. We are already working on its detailed review, but until it is complete, we thought you might want to check out a quick video of the smartphone in action, garnished with our first impressions. Read more »