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ASUS waves goodbye to the Windows RT platform due to poor sales

Poor sales performance of the Windows RT platform, which Microsoft hoped would making a dent in the tablet market, has made ASUS announce it’s ceasing making slates running it.

The company is currently only offering the VivoTab RT tablet, powered by the Tegra 3 SoC.

From now on though, ASUS will be focusing exclusively on its Intel-powered devices running the full version of Windows 8. According to the company’s chairman Jerry Shen, the Windows 8 has a more promising future due to its support of regular desktop apps, as well as backward compatibility with older apps.

“It’s not only our opinion; the industry sentiment is also that Windows RT has not been successful, Shen told the Wall Street Journal Friday at a Taipei earnings conference.

A month ago, Microsoft admitted the poor Surface RT sales cost it $900 million.

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