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RHA MA450i in-ear headphones review

The RHA MA450i headphones are the British company’s top end in-ear offering. The headset has been developed to play nice with Apple devices and sports an aluminum construction alongside an affordable price tag – a great combination in my book.

A couple of months ago, I was astounded by the outstanding value which the RHA SA950i on-ear headphones offered for the money. As I am already familiar with Reid Heath Acoustics products, my expectations towards the RHA MA450i are really high. Read on to find out if the headset delivers!

Retail package

The RHA MA450i comes in a well-appointed retail box. Inside it you will find the headset, a carrying pouch and a set of ear tips.

The retail box is well appointed

All in all, the retail package of the MA450i headphones leaves the user fully covered. Should you run out of ear tips for some reason, you can pick up a box of them separately.

Design and build quality

There is a great deal of simplicity in the looks of the RHA MA450i headphones. They are machined out of polished aluminum, and are available in black or white. An RHA logo on the outside and an unpainted inside section of the earbuds are the only design elements which draw any attention towards the MA450i.

RHA MA450i live photos

Build quality is solid. The earbuds are made of metal, so usual wear and tear is not an issue. More importantly, all the general headphones’ weak spots such as the cable around the earbuds and the 3.5mm jack have been reinforced with rubber and plastic respectively.

In real life terms, I spend the past few weeks using the RHA MA450i as a daily driver. The headphones didn’t show even the slightest sign of wear despite being used on a daily basis.


With six different ear tip sizes to choose from, getting the RHA MA450i to fit shouldn’t be a problem for just about any potential user out there. Combined with the headphones’ weight of only 14 grams, they allow for a comfortable, hassle-free use for long periods of time.

The remote control, just like in the case of the RHA SA950i is really comfortable. The middle button sits lower than the volume keys, so it is easy to access even without looking.

The cable is fabric braided and tangle free. Its only downside in my opinion results from the excessive length which is 1.5m (5 feet). I am 6 feet tall and usually carry my phone in the pocket of my pants. With a cable this long, I had to tuck some of it in my pockets to prevent it from getting tangled into people or objects when going around New York City. If you carry your device in bag, perhaps this will not be such a hassle.


The RHA MA450i headphones pack a 10mm Mylar driver whose frequency ranges between 16 and 22,000 Hz. Impedance and sensitivity are 16Ohms and 103dB respectively.

The sonic experience which the RHA MA450i offer impresses. The headphones deliver powerful, yet clear sound, headed by some of the deepest lows I’ve experienced in an in-ear headset – an memorable feat considering their sub-$50 price tag.

At times, highs and mids tend to get slightly overpowering at high volume. This is a forgivable trait however, considering the price range of the headphones.

Final words

At $49.99, the RHA MA450i headphones represent outstanding value for money. They are made with premium materials and come with a sonic experience to match. If you are in the hunt for in-ear headset for this kind of cash, the British offering deserves a spot on your short list of potential candidates. The RHA MA450i headphones are available at the Apple Store, as well as Amazon.


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