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Google and Google Mobile search results now with new outfit

by 9 comments

If you haven’t noticed it already Google updated their desktop and mobile search engines with new outfit. Now it’s easier than ever to sort, filter and organize your search results thanks to some new functionality docked on the left panel.

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iPad browser speed test shows that Mobile Safari is faster than desktop Safari, Chrome

by 13 comments

We’re still tinkering with the iPad – after we tested the JavaScript performance of the Mobile Safari browser, we decided to run some page loading tests. And Mobile Safari redeemed itself by beating the desktop Safari browser and Chrome to the finish line…

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Adobe strikes back: no Flash for iPhone, end of story?

by 696 comments

As expected, Steve Job’s “Thoughts on Flash” couldn’t remain unnoticed by Adobe so now they are striking back. Apple refuse to let Flash to the iPhone? Well, Adobe won’t even bother bringing it to them then.

This story started a long time ago but the pressure has never escalated to such a high level. At least now it’s clearer than ever: iPhone won’t get Flash support. Read more »

Users prepare for some content-aware filling as Adobe Creative Suite 5 hits the shelves

by 3 comments

The latest and greatest version of Adobe Creative Suite has just hit the shelves. The bundle package that has Photoshop CS5 as its key asset, has been up for preorder for a few weeks and now it is already available. Oh and there’re free trials available for download.

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Updated Google Image search mobile page lets you browse images with finger swipes

by 6 comments

Here comes yet another entry in the “Google updates its services, makes ‘em better” diary. They’ve updated the mobile version of Image search and it now looks very convincingly like a Gallery, sideways finger swipes for next/previous photo and all…

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Windows Phone 7 UI on video – looks usable, flat

by 460 comments

With any new UI design there’s a learning curve – like, how are those “hubs” on Windows Phone 7 supposed to work? Once you see it on video things get a lot clearer. And if you were worried how the newfangled OS will handle your corporate email – don’t, it’ll do it with smoothly animated ease…

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Gmaps app for WinMo and S60 gets search by voice, Google can see inside stores now

by 5 comments

Two updates from Google’s quest to map and photograph the whole world – the Google Maps application for Windows Mobile and Symbian got a little tune up, which brought Search by voice, and Google Places will feature photos inside various restaurants, gyms and more, taken by Google teams…

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Sony Ericsson jumps the gun with the announcement of an XPERIA X2 soft update

by 832 comments

The official Sony Ericsson blog just announced they have a small but important software update to all XPERIA X2 owners. But as it turned out, they are not quite ready in posting it over at the official Sony Ericsson update center.

Ok, we won’t hold it against them – a software update “that will add stability and improved performance throughout the device” is definitely some good news to share in the first place. Who cares you still can’t get it online.
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Nokia 5800 XpressMusic gets a 50.0.005 firmware update, is cooler and snappier than before

by 179 comments

You don’t usually see a two-year old smartphone get a firmware update – let alone one that adds any major features. Well, Nokia just can’t stop showing their love for their first-born touch phone – the 5800 XpressMusic. The touch-driven Symbian S60 5th edition pioneer is one of the handsets that provides great value for its price in the market segment and Nokia are obviously keen to keep it that way.

The latest 50.0.005 firmware for one of the most popular phone of all times in our database brings several new features and applications, bug-fixes and some key tweaks that noticeably improve the user experience. Read more »

iPhone OS 4.0 to come with Facebook integration?

by 1,179 comments

Prayers have been heard – the iPhone will finally feature some social network integration, starting from version 4.0 of its proprietary OS. It’s only going to include Facebook at the beginning, but that’s a start, right?

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Opera Mini for iPhone hits 1 million downloads in a day, tops the Appstore charts

by 526 comments

There were plenty of doubters who said Opera Mini wouldn’t be approved for the iPhone. Guess what happened after just 24 hours after it was approved – it scored over 1 million downloads. It’s as if people really wanted it, huh?

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Virtual NYC in Google Earth with photo-textured buildings is amazing

by 6 comments

The 3D buildings in Google Earth used to be mildly impressive, but this last update makes them downright awesome (it’s New York only though). Now, the 3D buildings are textured with actual photos of the real buildings and the results are quite impressive…

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HTC considers coming up with its own proprietary OS, come on!

by 415 comments

The birth of a new mobile operating system is better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick, but I’m not quite sure if that’s exactly what the industry needs right now. Still, according to Bloomberg, HTC are considering their options and they might just come up with an OS of their own.

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GetOlympus iPhone app teaches Olympus fans how to take beautiful pictures with ease

by 247 comments

Olympus fans can now enjoy the GetOlympus app for iPhone which has been available at the App Store for a little while. With its help Olympus users will be able to improve their photography skills, browse a gallery of user-submitted images and read the latest Olympus news.

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Woods might be scarier than expected, the Nokia SatNav ad says why

by 161 comments

A hearty laugh, a healthy heart they say. Well, if you still haven’t taken your dose of laughter for today, you gotta see this Nokia SatNav ad.

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