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iOS 4.01 update may roll out tomorrow to fix your reception issues

The iPhone 4 reception problems may be bound for a quick and painless death as Apple purportedly prepares iOS 4.01 update for the iPhone 4G. If it’s a software issue I’m sure Apple will fix it, but what about the “you’re holding it wrong” stuff?

Apple’s first statement on the reception issues were due to a software problem, which will be fixed. Then Steve Jobs and Apple support started the campaign “You’re holding it wrong!”

The latest Steve Jobs reply on that matter is:

“There is no reception issue. Stay tuned.”

As rumor has it, Apple will release iOS 4.01 update tomorrow to fix the reception issues. Let’s hope it really works rather than create a delusion of full bars. There are some talks the new update will make the phone’s baseband toggle frequencies more efficiently.

It sounds to me that the reception issues might be caused by both the specific holding position AND some software bug. If Apple fixes the software problem I suspect the reception woes will be less of an issues but not 100% gone. You can’t attribute the behavior in this video to software issues.



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