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Silverlight plug-in for Symbian^1 gets out of beta, available now

We may never see Flash on iOS, but that’s not stopping other OSes. The newer and less popular Silverlight, which is Microsoft’s alternative to Flash, is spreading to mobile OSes too – the Symbian^1 version just became available in the Ovi Store.

Silverlight has been available for Windows Mobile for a while now (of course, Microsoft’s plug-in for Microsoft’s OS) but now it’s also available on a non-Redmond platform. You can download Silverlight for Symbian^1 (or S60 5th edition if you will) from here.

The Silverlight plug-in integrates into the S60 browser and helps run Silverlight content inside the browser. Silverlight also enables installable apps – and since Silverlight uses .NET languages, there’s already a big potential developer base. Dev tools for Silverlight for Symbian can be downloaded by following the link.

There’s no word if Silverlight will be available on iOS (easy guess – when hell freezes over), or Android (2.2 Froyo enabled Flash, so maybe 3.0 Gingerbread?), but interestingly there will be Silverlight for Windows Phone 7 – it just won’t run in the browser, or at least not at first. That’s an odd decision by Microsoft.



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