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Survive in the wilderness by dismantling your mobile phone

If you’re ever lost in the wilderness and your cellphone is busted or has no signal, you’re not as totally screwed as you may think.

It turns out that you can make yourself a handful of nifty survival tools if you crack open your cellphone. And these just may save your life

Most displays contain a thin reflective piece of foil that can make an excellent survival mirror. Attach it to a piece of bark using tree sap, and you can then signal to rescue crews from a distance.

Using the magnet from the microphone, you can magnetize a ferrous metal wire from the internals, then use it as a makeshift compass.

The circuitboard itself can be sharpened on a rock and used as a cutting tool. What’s more, you can make this awesome neo-caveman spearhead with it.

Short-circuiting the battery can give you a one-shot firestarting tool. By attaching the positive and negative ends with a wire you can momentarily render it red-hot, which can then be used to ignite some tinder.

Finally, fishing lures and snares can be made using pieces of the internal circuitry.

Check out the full Art of Manliness article for more details on each of these techniques.



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