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Add an extra touch of professionalism to you Guerilla mobile filmmaking with Steadycam for iOS devices

Want to shoot a high-speed pursuit from the passenger window of your car? Perhaps a chase scene on foot through city streets or maybe you just want smoother looking videos?

iPhone Stead Cam

Adding a touch of professionalism to any budding film makers shots, app developer Midnox have released SteadyCam Pro, promising “a professional film camera in your pocket”.

Going up against the professional camera mount kings Steadicam, who have supplied the video production industry since 1976, the app uses “state of the art image processing algorithms to stabilize your video in real time”, which translates as converting your iPhone into a fairly decent steady cam without the need for a giant harness strapped to your chest.

Their official video shows a pretty convincing demonstration of the app in action, check it out below:

And here’s a 3rd party test from the guys at

If you like what you see you can download the app from iTunes and test it out for yourselves here and for those of you Android users wanting in on some steady cam goodness, you’ll have to wait a while yet but the developers say “Android is on our radar, but we’re still ironing things out on the iOS side”.



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