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Samsung Galaxy S III gets the teardown treatment by iFixit and Chipworks

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Well, it was only going to be a matter of time before the inquisitive minds at iFixit or Chipworks got their hands on the new Galaxy S III and skillfully take it apart bit by bit and so finally they have.

This has lead to some rather interesting discoveries as mentioned below. Read more »

Opera Mini 7 with Smart Page now available for feature phones

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The world’s most popular mobile browser, Opera Mini, has now been updated to version 7 and brings the new Smart Page feature. What this does is brings all your news and updates from your social networks onto a single page.

Once you install the browser, you will notice a new Home tab. Here you will see your bookmarks, the news feeds you have subscribed to and updates from social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Read more »

Microsoft releases Windows 8 Release Preview

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Just like we said yesterday, Microsoft has released the Windows 8 Release Preview on the stipulated date. As with the Consumer Preview, you can download the Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant that analyzes your computer and provides a smaller download or you can download the full 32-bit or 64-bit ISO files.

Among the major changes in this new version includes a bunch of new apps that include Bing Travel, News and Sports apps, as well as Gaming and Music Xbox apps that integrate with your Zune pass. The Mail, Photos and People apps have also been updated. Read more »

Microsoft to allegedly release Windows 8 Release Preview on May 31

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It seems Microsoft is all set to release the next version of Windows 8 Release Preview today on May 31. This information comes courtesy The Next Web, who noticed a prematurely published blog post on Microsoft’s developer website announcing the launch of the new update.

The post was written by Chuck Chan, Corporate Vice President on the Windows Development team who talked about the Release Preview. The blog post was written yesterday on May 30 but had May 31 time stamp. Needless to say the post has since been pulled down but you might see it being live soon. Read more »

Google adds accessories for the Galaxy Nexus on the Play Store

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Recently, Google started selling the unlocked GSM variant of the Galaxy Nexus on the Play Store. Now, they have added some accessories to go along with it.

For now you only have three types of docks available. Read more »

LG announces world’s first FullHD smartphone display with a pixel density of 440ppi

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LG has created a new display for the ever evolving smartphone that involves packing in 1920 x 1080 pixels in just 5-inches of display space. This is the world’s first FullHD smartphone display and has a pixel density of an astonishing 440ppi, way ahead of what we currently have in our phones.

The panel used in the display is an Advanced High Performance In-Plane Switching or AH-IPS LCD. This is the same technology that LG used in one of its panels last year for which they also won an award. Compared to standard IPS panels, AH-IPS panels have greater color accuracy, wider viewing angles and greater light transmission which leads to lower power consumption. Read more »

Gizmon Clip-On Lenses lets you add interchangeable lenses to your iPhone and iPad

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You may already be aware of the olloclip lens for the iPhone. Gizmon Clip-On Lenses are similar but gives you the option to change the lens and also works with an iPad.

You have a basic clip that slides on top of your iPhone or iPad and then you get three interchangeable lenses that you can screw on top of the clip. There are fish-eye, 3 image mirage filter and circular polarizer lenses available by default. Read more »

Samsung Mobile PIN stores opening in London on May 29, here are some pictures

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Earlier this month, when Samsung announced the Galaxy S III at London, they also announced that they will be starting a new range of retain stores called the Samsung Mobile PIN. The first of these miniature stores will open in London on May 29, the same day the Galaxy S III will go on sale in Europe.

As we have explained before, these PIN stores are small so they can be moved from one location to another and are meant to be placed within popular destinations such as malls. They are meant to give people hands-on experience with the phone and also the option to purchase it. Read more »

AT&T HTC One X bootloader gets unofficially unlocked

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Since last year, HTC started giving users the option to unlock the bootloader on their phones if that is what they wished for. However, the AT&T One X was not part of the list of handsets for which HTC is offering the unlock. The reason for this was widely believed to be AT&T, although HTC never actually officially mentioned that.

Of course, it was only a matter of time before the people at xda-developers, who view restrictions as hurdles instead of a dead ends, managed to get the phone unlocked and as usual they have come through. Read more »

Bing Maps to now use Nokia’s traffic and geocoding information

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When Nokia partnered with Microsoft to make Windows Phone as their primary smartphone platform, they also mentioned that this partnership will run a lot deeper than simply installing Windows Phone on their devices. It would be a two-way street, with both companies bringing something to the table.

Till now we have seen Nokia release phones based on the Windows Phone operating system but now we are going to see the other side of this partnership. From now onward, Microsoft’s Bing Map service will use Nokia’s traffic and geocoding information. Read more »

Facebook releases new Facebook Camera app for the iPhone

by 26 comments

Facebook has released a brand new Facebook Camera app for the iPhone. The app is completely separate from the main Facebook app and concentrates only on capturing, sharing and viewing photos on Facebook.

The launch of this app has come as a surprise to everyone considering it has only been a month since Facebook announced that it will be plonking $1 billion for Instagram, a dedicated mobile photo sharing service. However, Facebook Camera has a couple of advantages over Instagram. Read more »

Google introduces in-app subscriptions in Google Play

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Google added the ability to purchase content from within the apps on the Play Store through in-app billing last year. This allowed developers to sell additional content to their users from within the app, content such as extra levels, extra currency to purchase in-game items and special abilities.

Google has now also added in-app subscription option to the Play Store. The difference between in-app billing and in-app subscription is that subscriptions are recurring and automatically renew themselves after a specific period. Read more »

Get great discounts on iOS, Android, OS X, Steam and other games thanks to the ‘Because We May’ campaign

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We just talked about some great discounts on EA games on the App Store. But why should iOS users have all the fun? Now thanks to the ‘Because We May’ campaign, you can get great discounts on Android, OS X and Steam as well.

The purpose of this campaign is simple. Developers should be allowed to price their apps as they please. If they want to drop their prices because they want to promote their titles, they should be free to do so. Through this campaign, some of the developers have come together and offered to price their games at a discounted rates for the duration of May 24 to June 1. It also helps highlight the application stores that give the freedom to the developers to price their games whatever they want to. Read more »

EA offering up to 85% off on iOS games

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If you have an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, consider yourself lucky because EA is offering some pretty heavy discounts on its iOS titles, as much as 85% off on some.

The following are some of the popular titles along with their discounted price. Read more »

Fruit Ninja celebrates two year anniversary with a major update

by 11 comments

Fruit Ninja, one of the most popular mobile games of all time, is celebrating its two year anniversary and developer HalfbrickStudios has released a major update for the game.

Fruit Ninja now includes a new currency system in the form of the Starfruit. You get a thousand of these once you install the update and get more as you play the game. You will be able to use these in a new section called Gatsu’s Cart, where you will find additional items that give you special abilities. Read more »