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CyanogenMod to launch its own application store, to feature apps removed from the Android Market

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CyanogenMod is working on releasing their very own application store for Android. The idea was originally by one of CyanogenMod team members Koushik Dutta, who wanted to create an application store that would host applications that were removed from Android Market for some reason. This would include stuff like one click root apps, game emulators, tether apps, visual voicemail apps, etc. Although Google’s Market is open, some of these apps do get removed from time to time when they don’t meet Google’s or the carrier’s terms and conditions.

The other reason to have their own application store is so that they could use a small portion of the money coming in from app sales to fund the CyanogenMod project, which has been made available to users for no cost at all. Read more »

Alan Wake to arrive on the PC in February, will be available exclusively through Steam

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When Microsoft and Remedy announced Alan Wake back in 2005, it was meant to be released both on the PC as well as the Xbox 360. The game wowed everyone with its visuals, which were to use the then-upcoming DirectX 10 technology from Microsoft. Unfortunately, the PC version of the game was canned with no word on future availability and it has been available exclusively on the Xbox 360 so far.

Now suddenly, almost two years after the game released on the Xbox, Remedy has announced the PC version of the game, which will be releasing in February. This is going to be the definitive version of the game, with improved higher resolution graphics (the screenshot above is in-game), support for keyboard/mouse/Xbox controller, stereoscopic 3D, and will come bundled with the two DLCs, ‘The Signal’ and ‘The Writer’. Read more »

Notion Ink Adam II to come with Ice Cream Sandwich, Texas Instruments processor

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The first Adam was an ambitious product from the India-based Notion Ink but was plagued with issues even before it started shipping and when eventually it did ship, the less than stellar performance meant that few actually bothered to purchase it resulting in what is possibly one of the biggest failures in the tablet segment.

But it seems Notion Ink isn’t going to let the lack of success of its first tablet leave this burgeoning segment. So now there is going to be an Adam II, which was rumored for a while now but has now been officially confirmed by the company. Read more »

Microsoft to add Nokia’s name within Bing Maps on every device

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Microsoft has been using data from Navteq for their Bing Maps since the beginning, a subsidiary owned by Nokia and has also allowed the use of Nokia Maps on Nokia’s Lumia phones. Now, they will be making this partnership more visible to the user.

Microsoft will now be displaying Nokia’s name within Bing Maps. And this applies to every device that runs Bing Maps and not just Nokia’s. Read more »

Sprint updates HTC EVO 4G, EVO Design 4G and Samsung Epic 4G, removes offending Carrier IQ software

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When the whole Carrier IQ fiasco happened, Sprint was found to be one of the key offenders who sneaked in Carrier IQ software in their phones. After they were caught in the act, they promised to remove the offending software from their devices soon.

The first Sprint phone to be relieved of its Carrier IQ duties was the HTC EVO 3D through a firmware update and also added some security enhancements and bug fixes along the way. Now three more Sprint devices have joined the Anti-Carrier IQ squad. These include the HTC EVO 4G, the EVO Design 4G and the Samsung Epic 4G. Read more »

Dell announces Alienware X51, the smallest Alienware gaming desktop ever

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The words ‘affordable’ and ‘Alienware’ don’t usually go together but with the new Alienware X51, Dell intends to change that. It is the smallest Alienware desktop gaming system so far and also the cheapest. But despite the starting price of ‘just’ $699, the new Alienware X51 packs in decent hardware.

For starters you get a 3.3GHz Core i3-2120 processor as standard with the option to upgrade to a Core i5 or i7. You also get a full-size Nvidia GeForce GT545 with 1GB GDDR5 memory with an option to choose the GT555. Read more »

Ice Cream Sandwich update for Motorola Xoom starts rolling out, US Wi-Fi version gets it first

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The first proper Android tablet is finally getting its long overdue serving of Ice Cream Sandwich. Users in the US with the Wi-Fi-only model have reported the presence of an over the air update that upgrades their Xooms to the latest version of Android.

Unfortunately, it seems those are the only people who have got the update for now, with the 3G and international models still rocking the same old Honeycomb update. Read more »

ASUS gives extended warranty to Transformer Prime users in UK suffering from GPS issues

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ASUS has put up a post on their official blog asking their users to return their Transformer Prime TF201 for a full refund in case they are not satisfied with the GPS performance. For those who have decided to stick with it, they will be offering an extended warranty, taking it up to 18 months.

As you may have heard by now or experienced first hand if you’re an owner, the Transfomer Prime has some pretty serious GPS issues. Read more »

LG announces Optimus Pad LTE with 8.9-inch display and Honeycomb, launching initially in Korea

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LG has announced a new tablet for its homeland called the Optimus Pad LTE. Compared to the regular Optimus Pad, there are quite a few differences, other than the inclusion of LTE.

For starters, the design is new. The Optimus Pad LTE is thinner at just 9.34mm compared to the 12.7mm thickness of the non-LTE version. It’s also lighter at just 497g compared to the 621g of the Optimus Pad. Other changes include a larger 6,800mAh battery, which is up by 400mAh over the standard version despite the reduced thickness and weight, dual-core 1.5GHz Qualcomm processor that replaces the Nvidia Tegra 2 processor on the non-LTE model and a simpler 8 megapixel camera instead of the dual 5 megapixel 3D camera on the back. Read more »

Apple to announce ebook publishing tools along with digital textbooks on Thursday during their education announcement

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When Apple announced that they will be having an education announcement on Thursday in New York, the general consensus was that they will be announcing digital textbooks for their iOS devices, particularly the iPad, which is becoming increasingly popular in schools and colleges.

However, according to some new information from Ars Technica, that may not be the only thing that they will be announcing on Thursday. According to their sources, Apple will also be releasing tools for creation of ebooks, which Ars dubs it as the “GarageBand for books”. Read more »

Sony announces Android-powered SmartWatch, pairs with your phone to show your tweets, texts and emails

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Smart watches that pair with your phone and let you view and access select functions of your phone seem to be the coolest thing in the world of mobile accessories at the moment. Motorola recently launched the Android-powered MOTOACTV that works as your music player and also logs your workout sessions.

Now Sony too has joined the fray with their smart watch called, well, SmartWatch. It has a 1.3-inch multi-touch OLED display that lets you access your phone functions such as calls, messages, music as well as social networking applications such as Twitter and Facebook. Read more »

AMD showcases low cost alternative to Intel’s Thunderbolt, calls it Lightning Bolt

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After a slow start Intel’s Thunderbolt (also known as Light Peak) technology is starting to gain popularity among the OEMs, with Apple being the first and biggest proponent of the technology so far. Now it seems AMD wants a piece of this action as well, so they have come up with their own variant of the technology, called Lightning Bolt.

Yes, Lightning Bolt. Like the technology itself the name takes heavy inspiration from Intel’s Thunderbolt. But AMD is not aiming at simply merging various outputs into one port. Their main goal with Lightning Bolt is to reduce the cost of the whole set up. Read more »

Nokia launches new commercials for the Lumia 900 and Lumia 710, along with a ton of other new videos

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The Nokia Lumia 900 was officially announced at CES this year among those who attended the event but now it’s time for Nokia to reach out to a wider audience, which means making some new ads for the phone, which they have. Also being advertised is the Lumia 710 which has gone on sale in the US on T-Mobile’s network for $49.99.

The ads, especially for the Lumia 900, aren’t particularly new and are similar to the ones for the Lumia 800 but there will be a lot of people in North America who haven’t seen these and it makes little sense to create a completely different ad when the products themselves aren’t all that different. Read more »

Monster and Beats to go their separate ways, decide not to renew their contract

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Ever since Monster and Beats Audio decided to collaborate and get into the headphones business back in 2009 the two have met with incredible success. Most of this was due to some fantastic marketing, helped no doubt by big names like Lady Gaga, P.Diddy, Justin Bieber, LeBron James and the co-founder of Beats Audio, Dr. Dre, along with some excellent designs and an audio signature that was tuned to what most people like to hear instead of what they should be hearing.

Businessweek is now reporting that the two companies won’t be renewing their 5-year contract once it ends later this year. The reason for this is due to financial conflicts between the two companies, with Beats wanting a greater share of the revenue along with conflicts over who should get more credit for their success. Read more »

BlackBerry PlayBook gets ‘Cut the Rope HD’, will cost you $2.99

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Not sure if developers suddenly found out about the existence of the PlayBook or if the recent fire sale (and the resultant rise in user base) has finally made them take interest in the device but the troubled tablet has finally started getting some popular titles.

Following the trio of Angry Birds released last month, developer ZeptoLab has released their highly popular Cut the Rope HD for the PlayBook. Read more »